Michael Bishop put on waivers by Toronto!

Wouldn't they have shopped their services around before they released him to try and get something for him? Or maybe teams like Sask knew that if they said no to a trade Toronto would release him (as they are in a serious QB controversy) anyway.

IMHO, Bishop may be the better QB. He led his team to 11 wins and 1 loss last year. Sure, Joseph won the Grey Cup, but I believe he was more a product of Austin's coaching (he's always been good with QBs, being a QB himself) and his system. How many QBs hit their peak at 34 years of age after several average years?

I think Toronto did what they felt they had to do. Joseph had the bigger contract, the big trade, the big hoopla when he came in. If the Argos released him, they would look like fools. If they kept Bishop, the controversy would get worse and the split in the locker room would also get wider. No matter what, not a good start to the season for a team that had lofty expectations. I think Pinball missing at coach is hurting them more then anybody ever thought.

It's probably a number of things, not the least of which is a salary dump. Between Bishop and KJ you've got about $600,000 of cap room tied up - I don't think the Argos ever planned to keep both guys all year at that number - they'd never get under the cap.

if he's making 250k the riders won't take him with his current contract, i would like to see him here but something tells me he'd serve a better purpose in BC. But i think he would look better in Green and white...

Exactly the reason I would be crazy suprised to see us go after him.

He's too old for the Riders. I'd rather have Sankey than him anyways.

He didn't look too happy on the sidelines last week.

Sounds like a strong vote of confidence in your OC....

From what I understand, if anyteam claims him within 48hours, the Argos can take him off wavers and then talk trade. Each team can do this twice a season.

After 48 hours he can be claimed without compensation.

bishop sucks.

Probably would have attracted a lot of interest at his old price tag. Not sure there's any teams in position to pick up a 250k QB that's always had question marks about him.

I don't think it's that no teams are interested, I think it's more than few teams can find room at that pricetag to make the move.

The Argos probably told him to be a team player or he is gone. Bishop probably chose the latter.

The problem is, nobody wants him, including Toronto. BC will have no interest in him, even if he took a 50% paycut. He is no upgrade on J. Jackson, but JJ has proven to be a team player and will give his full support to the starter if he’s benched.

Sask would probably rather develop a young QB making 1/4 of Bishop’s salary, rather than be saddled with a malcontent, no matter what potential he might have.

Didn't think Pinner had the balls to do this, the right thing or what I think is the best thing to do in this circumstance. Ok, I don't know the whole deal behind Bishop but I'm not so sure bringing in Joseph was the right thing to do. But as I say, I don't know the whole Bishop deal.

That’s the funny thing, Bishop WAS a team player the day the trade happened. Said all the right things and even mentioned that it’s a good thing for him since he’ll learn off of Joseph if my memory serves me well…

Something changed though. (Bishop was seen pouting when Joseph ran in for the TD against the Ti-Cats.) I think Bishop requested a trade. What happened behind the doors to change his attitude will be re interesting to know.

…I can see Green and White in Bishops future… BUT,the thing is ,does ‘anyone’ have the cash…Argos have made their choice… something they defintely had to do,and are going with Joseph…IF he doesn’t stay healthy ,i think they’re in big trouble…orrrrrr will they resurect ol folks Allen…ouch… :roll:


This is the kind of illogical "politics" in pro football
that gets rather obnoxious sometimes ...
Everyone knew this QB controversy was going to happen--
so why not straighten it out BEFORE the season starts?
If for no other reason, so one guy would've been able to
fully prepare with all the first-team off-season reps.


Why does everyone think Bishop is a great QB he is good. Yes he went 11-1 last year but blew it when the pressure was on, and he didn't really dominate in the regular season. You say KJ is 34 and is just coming into his own, well Bishop is 30 and still not a starter well I think something is wrong there. Tillman just leave him alone work with the system we have now.

pinball is not the GM, right?, so why do people assume it was his doing?

IMO, KJ is the better of the 2.

Bishop attitude may have changed when he spent too much time on the sidelines watching the team lose to Hamilton. I can understand that somewhat, but....

Waived is not the same as being released.

A player can be placed on the 48 hour waiver but not released at the end of the period.

BUT all players that are going to be released must first be waived.

When a player is released teams have priority to pick them up based on league standings. In the first portion of the year it is from the previous season. This is eventually adjusted at various set points in the season.

This should have been Bishop's team to lead this year. He proved last year he could be the #1 guy. With last year under his belt he should have been even better this season. Then management brings in Joseph and creates a mess. They didn't need Joseph IMO. Now the team appears divided on the issue as well as the fans. Nice job!
If I were Bishop I'd be pissed too. Whats up with this organization lately? First they shuffle Prefontaine out the door like a piece of trash after 10 seasons and then bacically slap Bishop in the face by bringing in Joseph. Yup thats the way to run a successful franchise i guess.
This team could be in for a long season.

Disgruntled Argo Fan

Yeah, they signed him to a pretty nice extension just last year...the Globe & Mail story seemed to indicate that Pinner is behind it all (and wants Joseph as the starter).