Michael Bishop on waivers

Saskatchewan has wasted no time in putting Bishop on waivers indicating they are very quick in making a decision that Michael has no future with their team...and most likely with no other CFL team. Within 48 hours he will be a free agent. We're lucky Desjardins isn't still with the Ticats or we would likely see another ridiculous trade!!

I have said it all along.

A million dollar body and a ten cent brain.

He can't control his Impulse to throw
into coverage to try to make plays.

Read my thread on "Printers for John Chick" a good defensive linemen. And that's what we need
badly. :rockin: :rockin:


My apologies.

I didn't meant to put down
Michael Bishop's overall IQ

with my 'million dollar body
ten cent brain' comment.

I meant his emotional IQ as it relates to
his decision-making as a quarterback.

I will do better than reading your

'Printers for John Chick' post, GOTC

I will post it right here

Does everyone else need to post their replies to GOTCs thread as well?

Sask traded the league MVP and Grey Cup winning QB because of money.
Why oh Why would they want the highest paid player in the CFL who has stunk for 2 years??

More likely scenario would be to re-acquire Joseph on the cheap, and re-structure his contract.

They know what joseph can do and his weaknesses , they may see more mobility in Printers and
figure that behind a good O-L he could do a better job.
Also the Argo's may not what to get rid of joseph or want to much for him.
all we what is Chick period. :cowboy:

No surprise here. Plain and simple, Bishop is not a starting quarterback. He's only a possible momentum changer, coming off the bench to throw a couple of long bombs in hopes of getting his team back in the game. I'm still shocked at how many chances this guy has been given throughout his career. His starting days in the CFL are over. And to think I actually know a couple of guys who think Bishop is a good quarterback. :wink:

Stupid move by Tillman. Season is over so there is no saving money or roster spot. This is to feed the mob in Saskatchewan right now.

Ten posts in and so far no one has suggested/demanded he come here.

Good sign.

When talking about a Chick for Printers trade you also need to remember that the Riders don't have much of a pass rush so they are not likely to trade one of their guys he can pressure the QB. Also there's no way they'd take on Printers contract the way it stands now.

I don't think anyone will pick up Mike and he end up back in the AFL..
He seem to like it there I wish him luck

I was watching MOST (not all) of the B.C. - Sask game on TSN.ca. Let me tell you - Bishop was BRUTAL.
A fumble here - an interception there, an incomplete pass; ALMOST another interception...

I am not surprised he got released.
Bishop (after all these years as a backup) - still never learned how to 'manage' the game. Sask DEFENSE was playing great; all Bishop had to do was manage the game - no fumbles; no intercepts. a few completed passes, enough to get you to field goal range.
Most of B.C.'s points came on turnovers ( not the kind you eat) - had Bishop managed the game, they would have won.
Bye Bye Bishop, and good riddance.

:thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

I'm surprised we haven't seen a "Micheal Bishop-Bring him to Hamilton" thread yet. :wink:

Bishop just doesn't have the talent to be a starter.

Bring him back to the Leaky Boatmen I say, that's were he should finish his career. T.O. can make another run for the cup. :smiley:

The Bish will always have a home with the Boatmen.