Michael Bishop is not the answer

who else is agrees that Michael Bishop is not the answer to the bluebombers QB issues? I dont think he's the answer to any CFL team. I know that any QB needs a good O line to have any degree of success. I wonder why the CFL seems to play pass the parcel with QB's? how is that with all the QB's on the street with no NFL work, we dont seem to see an influx of new blood? i know that that not every out of work QB wants to play in Canada but surely any football is better than no football, no disresepct to the CFL of course.

Bishop isn't the answer, but this game in Winnipeg of blaming all the offensive woes on the QB is stupid. The QB isn't the one catching the ball, and Winnipeg's receivers aren't exactly putting in a stellar effort.

Even the second coming of Doug Flutie would look bad if he's got nobody to catch passes.

Never mind the nfl cast off,s , Manitoba Bison,s had a great young QB their V.C year why was he not given an opportunity to develop ,As Bishop has (for about 7 season now?) RE_ Comparing Flutie to Bishop?? Flutie could throw the ball with touch depending on the type of pass required, Bishop can only throw unguided rockets!

I take on board the point that one cannot blame a teams offensive woe's on the QB but, without sound too cliche, the QB position is the most critical position on the field and in this case Mr Bishop is just not that reliable. I watched him a lot at Kstate and he excelled in Bill Snyders offence as he had alot of latitude however the two big games of the 98 season, the Big 12 champs ( which knocked then out of the running for the national champs) and the bowl game later on he flopped. Yes of course the receivers need to step up, the coaching needs to improve but wins come on the playing field and the current personell just isnt getting it done. I'm abig fan of CFL football but often times, it get downright painful to watch guys get open and to see passes being overthrown by ten yards, passes being dropped etc etc. I just want to see, not only good QB play but good team play.

Bishop threw picks yesterday but only in the latter half of the game when he was trying to force the ball. In the first half, his receivers quite frankly let him down with dropped balls and little effort made to get open. On top of the bone-headed penalties, I don't see how yesterday's loss is Bishop's fault. If his receivers make 2-3 more catches early on, maybe the game turns out differently.

I'm not a big Bishop fan by any means, but no QB is going to look good when the receivers are dogging it and the team is imploding through penalties.

I didn't compare Flutie to Bishop, don't be silly. :slight_smile:

My point is that Winipeg's offensive problems are not just at QB. The receivers have been unspectacular for a while, and yesterday had some pretty bad dropped passes. The pass blocking is suspect, and the last couple of weeks the running game has gone nowhere (though I blame that on teams simply loading up to block it rather then on any weakness at RB).

You can't just plug a new QB in here and expect things to suddenly improve. That's not how it works. A QB needs to learn the plays and get timing with his receivers, not to mention most of the guys they've brought in need to learn the CFL game. Playing a guy for half a game after he's been here 2 weeks is just foolish, what did they think was going to happen?

This is a bad offense in general. As important as the QB is, he needs a supporting staff and system to do his job effectively. I don't think ANYBODY would look good playing QB in Winnipeg at the moment.

True its not just the QB. and in fairness to M.B he has shown he can put good drives together, but IMHO with M.B the coach has to put in plays that 1) he can handle 2) plays that compliment him, IF i were M.B,s coach i would run a T.E set with a fullback and running back, and just have the receivers run fly routes and post and corner routes while the backs and M.B run option left option right maybe 6 to 10 plays is all with M.B keeping and passing 50/50. But i ain't not his coach :twisted: