Michael Bishop has no supporters!!!

Why the hell is everyone saying "bishop is useless, DD is much better"? We haven't even seen him play yet. Just give him a edit chance before you start dissing him.

I personally think he is a very good Quarterback, and i'm excited to see him play.

darian durant is a nobody, he hast proved anything, crandell is a journeyman who won a grey cup with a lights out defence. Jyles is just an average kid who can run a 3rd and short. Bishop will come in light it up and run up the score.

Durant has one more games that most of the eastern teams....but ya hasn't shown anything

wow guy works 15 hours and his grammar goes to shat....sorry guys

Ment to say won....and he's shown alot of poise doing it

I wonder if Duran't injury is more serious than the Riders are letting on.. the coaches wanted Bishop so Tillman obliged them, but I dont see either Crandell or Bishop taking us to the GC game come November. We could be watching Calgary , BC or Edmonton represent the West this year.

I still say it doesnt really matter who is in at QB, as long as the receivers don't catch the ball, all of them will look bad.

When you look at Bishop's stats from last year i really can't blame people for having a lack of faith in Bishop

in 2007 he had a completion % of 52.1 which was 7th in the league(out of all the QB's in the league that threw more than 300 pass attempts)

6th in passing yards.(out of QB's that threw more than 300 attempts)

4th in TD passes.(out of QB's that threw more than 300 attempts)

he had the 3rd most interceptions.(out of QB's that threw more than 300 attempts)

7th in QB Rating.(out of all the QB's that threw more than 300 attempts

there were 7 CFL Quarterbacks that threw more than 300 pass attempts last season, so as you can see, Bishop was at the bottom for Completion Percentage and QB Rating, near the bottom for pasing yards, and only 2 QB's threw more Int's.

The only category he was even at the middle of the pack in was TD passes.

and this was while throwing to Arland Bruce and Andre Talbot, yet Toronto still went 11-8? (excuse me if im wrong on the record) because the Defence only allowed 15.9 points per game.

Now Bishop goes to Saskatchewan where because of injuries he'll be throwing to Weston Dressler and Adarius Bowman with a good defence, but a defence that allows 23.3 ppg, instead of 15.9

I would be shocked if he has no supporters, I would venture to guess that he has a couple in his equipment bag at this very moment. If not he can pick one up fairly cheap at any sporting goods store.

Even in Regina.


Remember this?

Go Bishop & Go Riders


looking at Michael Bishops talent, one would think he is the best qb since Damen Allen , but he just has to much heat on his passes, Maybe when he is Allens age he will develope some Touch to his passes.

it's a risk.. but it's better than sticking with what isn't working!

who are we to say whether or not Bishop will do well?

gotta give him a chance before we cut him up and feed him to the sharks!

I agree its better than sticking with Crandell but the way I look at it by the time MB is good to go DD should be back from injury so....... remind me what was the point again?

I am more than willing to give Bishop a chance, but my expectations are not high with him at QB with the recievers the Riders have now. They drop Crandell passes now, how many will they drop because the ball is coming at them too hard?

I think that the problem is when you rely too heavily on getting the passing game going, your players face a great deal of pressure! When your offense is doing well, confidence exudes in everyone.. your receivers catch the ball!

they need to gain some confidence, and sometimes a new QB can change people!

Also Bishop can run, which makes the zone read effective. That will get Wes going and if MB can get out of the pocket, hopefully he can freeze defenders and hopefully our recievers can start hanging on to footballs.

Maybe the strong arm will help, it wont give the recievers a chance to think what they are going to do after they get the ball before they get the ball. They will have to catch it out of self defence, ha. Either way we won't do any worse IMO. I agree with cflisthebest, a new qb can change things. Hopefully it will be for the better.

i think bishop still has alot to prove. the stats shown above do prove that. but my main concern that i have for him is one ya the riders recieving corps is sub par. the qb's they have play into the system very well and thats why they were all winning games. bishop to me is a guy less to involved in his game and push's the ball alot more taking lower percentage and higher risk passes.

Actually Toronto went 11 & 7 last year and I believe Bishop was 11 & 1. Crandell was given the day off from practice and I think he is likely done here in Saskatchewan.

I feel bad for MC, but MB is the better QB. Good job ET and KM. DD should suck it up, this is PRO FOOTBALL!


Roger, you're right. That's the reality of the business. Durant took some other QB's job when he deemed the better player, and he took Jyles' spot as starter after the BC game. This is no different.

Really? Based on what exactly? Let’s do the math. All year we heard nothing from ET and Miler except how Marcus Crandell was the guy, how he was as good as KJ, how it was a “coin toss” last year, and on and on. Well, KJ is definately a better QB than Bishop. A lot better in my mind. So f KJ>MB and MC=KJ, then MC>MB. If all of a sudden MB>MC then somebody somewhere sold rider fans a bill of goods.
The biggest problem I have with this trade however isn’t whether or not MC or MB is the better QB–I don’t think either of them are very good. I just see this as a potentially huge disruption on a team that sold itself as this big close knit family that worked hard and believed in each other. Apparently that was all a load of BS as well. why ET thought that the risk here was worth the trouble is beyond me. Personally, at this point, I’d start Jyles Sunday. Then when Durant is back, he starts. MB will make an excellent 3rd string QB because he has proven what a whi…I mean team guy he is!