Michael Bishop Anyone?

Late Wednesday night Michael Bishop was put on recallable waivers

[url=http://sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/2008/07/10/bishop_waivers/]http://sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/2008/0 ... p_waivers/[/url]

you think with the way the offense is playing that the Lions should show some interest in trading for him?

i think going after bishop is wrong it just shows the team you have no confidence in them, if they go 0-4 then yes, but lets give them time to turn this around.

that is the way wally does things he does not panic, if we start going after players just for the sake of doing it , this team will end up like they were with Damon Allen, not even knowing who these players are anymore.

A two edged sword. I still think Buck Pierce is our "real starter". Waiting until 0-4 might mean somebody else could pick Bishop up.




Watch tonight, Joseph is going down for the count, he will be hit so hard his sisters ear rings will fall off.

Enter Bishop ...3 td passes end of Joseph in Toronto.

Bishop can still play despite being on waivers?

Recallable within what time period? It's surely not openended.

I am not up on the current rules of waivers but it is true that teams regularly juggle their rosters by putting players on waivers. I recall John Henry White a RB with the BC Lions being put on waivers every year and then activated as rosters are juggled. The other explanation that is probable is to put the guy out there and see if a team in need of a QB (Sask maybe) might want to make a deal.

But given the situation with the QB controversy placing Bishop on waivers might not be the best for his head as it just fuels more controversy.

I belive that Michael Bishop should go to Saskatchewan, because it's the only team that doesn't have quarterback depth.