Michael Bishop a Blue Bomber?

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My opinions on this one are mixed, but certainly he can't do any worse than our current pivots so I say give him a shot.

I think Bishop is a good choice and he's probably a lot cheaper than Casey Printers. i thought for sure after that game against TO we would be hearing of Casey Printers in Winnipeg.

There are rumours of Printers coming in too. Personally I'd rather go 1-17 the rest of the year than have Printers representing my team.

I guess the only surprise of this move is, how soon it occurred.

argotom is crying tears of joy hearing his man-crush is commin back to the CFL...lol

Hope you like to see alot of INT's and over throws bomber fans!

At this point I'll be happy just to see the ball thrown more than 10 yards with any kind of zip.


I think if I were running the show and the team is bringing in Michael Bishop, I'd start Richie Williams in the next game and give him a fair shot while I prepared Bishop for the possible starting job in the following week. That way you give Williams a chance to show what he can do while you give Bishop enough time to get some semblance of an understanding of the offence. To me, signing a guy off the street and having him start the first available game screams of desperation, but perhaps thats what Winnipeg has come to.

DG say it ain't so.
Well at least I will see my favourite player back in the CFL.

Give Lefors the 1st Q or the half just in case he finally grasps the offence. If he struggles ,then release him and go from there. Starting Bishop would be unfair , as he needs a few weeks to learn the offence. Randall is not ready, so Williams probably would come off the bench if Lefors struggles. No need to panic yet, it's only been 4 games .

Considering you guys have three back-up quarterbacks on your roster, I'd say give Michael Bishop a shot. I like Ritchie Williams, but I'd rather have him as my second stringer. Michael Bishop isn't a stellar QB, but he can air it out, so maybe that'll help the offence get going.

haha...u know im just teasin u, argotom.
gonna have to change your name to bombertom soon enough.

Bish, might be what the bombers need to get to the playoffs... but he'll never earn a ring, thats forsure.

hey Fans..

can you say "Bombers 4th in East?" hahaha

what a stupid signing.. he will only help you at first but ultimately, he'll kill you!

atleast bish can win the bombers 3 or 4 games, whereas lafors won't win u 2 all year.

so I'm guessing you missed the dominating performances put up by Bomber quarterbacks in weeks one through four.. Michael Bishop doesn't exactly have to be any good to be better than what we've gotten so far


Let's hope Mike Kelly's dumb enough to drop Ritchie Williams to make room for Bish, and then the Argos can pick him up. The Argos are still lacking an experienced backup.

ya cause 5 wins is the goal for the Bombers for the season! :roll:

Are you kidding? he'd probably release him, give you the money to pay for a 3 year contract and buy him a plane ticket to T.O. Kelly's generous with his good players, he likes other teams to have them for as little as possible.

I guarantee you Bishop will become one of the best qb's in the CFL, this guy can play even though he isn't the smartest guy in the world, he keeps himself in shape and where someone could become wise at qb at 28, Bishop will at 38 with a 28 year old body. I think he will help the Bombers.