Michael Bishop #16 - Blue Bombers

The consistency of his inconsistency is consistent with my memory.
I remember when he was a member of the Green n’ White last September he tested my short temper.
Bishop throws but nobody catches.
Bishop throws again . . . not sure to who.
He is persistent & insistent that his intent is committment to throwing.
So many incompletions. So many interceptions. So many fumbled snaps.

Whatcha think Bomber fans?
D’ya like him?
I mean, he is average with potential but I am not sure how to improve his play.

im interested in what argotom has to say about this one

Who is Argotom and why are you interested?
Your interest has sparked interest, my interest . . . interesting.


Argotom is the fan with the creepy man-crush on Bishop.. he has shown that he is not the answer to Winnipeg's QB problems. He still can't read defences, he overthrows his receivers, and when he does hit them , they cant catch the ball because the ball is thrown way too hard, he can't look off defenders which leads to INTs. He is supposed to be a veteran but he plays just about every game like its his first.. Kelly should have stuck with LeFors.. at he least he may show signs of improvement later on in the season, but Bishop has plateaued and is not going to get better.

How could Kelly possibly have justified sticking with Spaghetti-arm LeFors and his endless parade of two-and-outs? At least Bishop moves the football and gives the D a breather.

Kelly is a moron in my book, but I'll him credit for at least recognizing that his choice of starting QBs was a huge mistake and trying to rectify it by bringing in Bishop.

Maybe if Bishop throws an INT 30+ yards downfield it should be recorded as a punt. A deep INT on the 4th play gives the D more rest than a punt on the 3rd play.

Should've brought in Casey Printers - maybe they will this week.

Bishop isn't giving the Bombers a better chance to win.. how many TD's did Winnipeg get last night?.. oh that's right...ZERO... just four FGs from Serna. Bishop had a lot of two and outs last night as well.

I'll say it again: at least Bishop moves the football. So he helps control time of possession, if nothing else. I never want to see a LeFors-led Bombers offense again. That was all kinds of brutal to watch.

Bishop has 1 helluva arm but nothing for a brain.

Bishops like a Lamborghini with square tires sure it looks good but you can't do crap with it

not sure if these stats are right up to this week but it seems to me that Lefors might actually have an edge over Bishop.

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/statistics/league/stat/Passing/year/2009]http://www.cfl.ca/statistics/league/sta ... /year/2009[/url]

Gentlemen, although I did not get a chance to watch this game live and unfortunately this is the first game I missed, however I have taped it.
I understand from the little that I have seen so far, plus the reports to include the stats it would appear my man Bish did not have a good game.
No excuses here, but this being his what third game, means basically he is out of the pre season and I expect he will soon be hitting his stride and the BB will unfortunately pass my Argos into the playoffs. It does not look there will be a crossover.
Back to Bish, he has the gun of an arm and there is no doubt he will coordinate same with his above average running ability which compliments both parts of the game.
I will gladly take Bish over the current cast with my Argos.

You’d still take Bishop even after Picket surprised everyone by having a pretty decent game? Good God… :o

Really? Then how come the standings tell us differently at this point in the season?

I will though review this position after Pickett has a couple to three games under his belt and also Bishop.

I think this is the best you are ever going to see Bishop.. and judging from last night's game, that is not good news for Bomber fans. He might have some better games, but his penchant for throwing too hard, without accuracy and not looking off defenders will hurt him like it did in Toronto and Sask... If I were starting a team and my choices were Bishop or Pickett, I would take Cody, who has way more upside than a 33 yr old who is, at best, a back-up or 3rd stringer.

I still cannot believe that Mike Kelly cut Kevin Glenn and Dinwiddie just to bring in Bishop and LeFors . . . :?

If you're gonna' cut one of the two cut Dinwiddie and keep Glenn, but don't cut your entire QB team! :?

Bringing in Bishop when Printers is a free agent is also puzzling. :?

Now WPG is 2-5 with no signs of improvement and entering emergency mode already. :?

Good Luck Bombers . . . but not too much luck. :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn't know Bishop had a stride, wish he would have hit it last year when he sucked it up for the Riders (58.4% completion, 10 td's vs 13 int.=released).

Well minor correction; Kelly did not cut Glenn and Dinwiddie just to bring in Bishop and LeFors. He cut Glenn and Dinwiddie to bring in LeFors only. He only then brought in Bishop when LeFors' play demonstrated that he isn't ready to be a CFL starter. ANd little has changed. Which leads me to think the big problem in Winnipeg is Kelly's offensive scheme, so before any more tinkering with personnel, the Bombers should bring in a qualified offensive coordinator; which Kelly, despite all his ego and bombast, has demonstrated himself not to be.

Mike Kelly refuses to acknowledge that he doesn't have the personnel to run the type of offense he wants to. Until he realizes that, I suspect they will continue to struggle, at least until he has a full scale fan revolt on his hands, which is pretty close to occurring.

As for Bishop, I'm still waiting for him throw one 60 yards to Romby Bryant on a seam route. :roll: