Michael "Ballzy" Ball calls it worst reffing ever.

On the Rider Round table radio show, Ballzy called it the worst officiating he's ever seen at the professional level.

He also said, that didn't neccessarily cost the Riders the game, but from start to finish it was the most uninformed, incapable reffing team he's seen.

He gave examples of the game clock running when it wasn't supposed to be, Sj Green being two yards offside, allowing Alouette players to join in the referee huddles, and the absolute lack of attention to the obvious bad blood between the two teams.

I agree. I think the reffing was disgusting. I also think our defence was disgusting.

This is not a "Blame the refs" thread, this is a "Man, that ref team was terrible" thread.

I agree 100%. Those guys were totally at sea out there. Three times flags were thrown with no infraction. The no yards call after Maypray touched the ball on the punt and then the no-call when Parenteau was punched while he was flat on his back are just afew of the examples of total incompetence. I also agree the refs were not the reason we lost. This crew should not be allowed to fly solo again this season.

Maypray never touched the ball on the punt, the replays show it.

But I agree that the officiating was terrible on both sides. Uncalled offsides on my Als followed up by phantom roughing-the-passer calls on my Als. Penalize us for what we actually do, not incidental contact.

I was in the stand s and didn't see a replay - so I give that one to the refs as a good call. I do agree that the bad calls were on both taems but seeing as how this is the Rider forum we do tend to focus on how it affects us.

I too thought he'd touched it until the replay. It was very close but they did make the right call. And yes, the Riders got hosed on more than a few penalties and non-penalties. It was just a poorly officiated game all around and they were slow at making calls to boot.

I thought I saw some things I could not explain either. Like the clock running after the 3 minute warning? Maybe I'm wrong but ??? Multiple offsides, holding, etc. No wonder there was fights breaking out. No one knew what was going to be called and what was not going to be called. Like in any sporting event, you never want to leave the game remembering what the refs did. Even with a team of gorillas reffing this debacle, the Riders would have lost anyway. No defensive secondary, no first down production, no second down defensive 'kill' attitude....I mean how many times did MTL convert on second and long? Way too long.... And speaking of long.....this is going to be a long, long, season.....

The refs didn't drop the balls...the refs didn't allow the receivers to catch the ball...that is solely on the players and their inability to do their job. Either the scheme has to change, or the players playing the positions

I thought the officiating was fair. They let the guys play for the most part, and I like that. As far as the flags going and no call...I love that. If there is something you want to talk about, throw a flag and get together. Personally I would like to see that more. When I am at work I have no issues stepping back and discussing something with people if I have doubt, and I applaud them doing the same...nothing wrong with that in my eyes.
I saw the the clock running at the 3 minute warning to, and was pissed off...that irked me. Yeah there were missed calls, but I saw it both ways. They let them play...kudos. The only thing that got me ruffled otherwise was in the 1st half Als FG, a few plays earlier they had a time count by about 2 seconds that was missed.

I saw that time count violation too and breathed a sigh of relief. Not sure how the zebras missed that one.

What is your point?

That was not the worst officiating ever. It wasn't an amazing display of officiating, but there's no way that was the worst ever. People tend to say things in the heat of a loss, and I can't say I envy Ballzy's job of talking to those moron's on the call in show after a loss. I'll blame it on that.

I was quite pleased with the reffing.

Considering at how over-the-top these refs can get with calling Unnecessary Roughness penalties. It's to the 'letter of the law' on QB's, unfortunately no discretion is used...., No wonder QB's are staying in the pocket more.

I've seen some bad examples of Horse Collar, and face masking penalties already.A hand slides down the pads ,or across the top of the helmet, and gets called. That type of stuff infuriates me.

No, this game could have been called much worse.

oh, and don't forget that this was on the air in the US. They typically give better explanations during those games so people understand the some of the differences between the NFL and CFL games.