Mic'ed up play calling

I am watching the game on TSN at work so I couldnt go to the game but I noticed the microphones for Hamilton are much clearer then hearing the Winnipegs coaches and quarterback. I think that's bullcrap and gives Winnipeg a better advantage over us.

Ticats management needs to address this. The microphone sounds were not the same. You could hear Hamilton coach and Masoli much better then Streveler.

I could hear Streveler loud and clear - and O’Shea - when he wasn’t covering it up with his hand! ::slight_smile:

Quite the advantage

Just imagine what the sccore would have been if they didn't have that 'advantage'. ::slight_smile:

The QB's being Mic'd up I was Very Impressed with the Calm Demeanor of Masoli in the Huddle as opposed to the Winnepeg guy who seemed to be a little Hyper and Jumpy.
I'm sure that Jeremias calmness added to the Confidence we saw in the Play of the Offense.

I was at the game but had PVR'd and watched a bit of the game this morning just to see what the mic'ed up thing was like.

Completely agree about being impressed with Masoli's calm and obviously so knowledgeable demeanour in the huddle. Directing players quickly when in the wrong position on the line of scrimmage.

Chuckled at one comment. After on a first down pass 9 yards to Banks instead of just diving forward to get the first down he had stutter stepped and was stopped short. As they were breaking the huddle for the second down play where in a very calm level voice Masoli went through all the gobbly-gook of the play call. Then in an obviously sterner voice he looked at Banks and said 'And get the first down!'

I laughed at that.

I too was impressed with the calm control Masoli exhibited, but not impressed with the mic'd up idea, overall:

The TSN panel was mentioning the same thing. JM is probably the most chill person I have seen. Even more so than the ones I know are…herbally enhanced?

Did anyone else notice that O'Shea knew when a hard count was coming?

Masoli looks at his wrist band and says "hockey beta - blah blah blah blah - Hockey beta guys, hockey beta"

Then he runs the play and does a hard count.

Second time later in the quarter "hockey beta - blah blah" camera to O'Shea screaming HARD COUNT! to his team.

For those that thing this is impossible, really all it would have taken was a spotter to hear Masoli, and tell OShea that the common denominator was "hockey beta" - Masoli said it 3 times on the one play.

I was in favour of Live Mic, really thought that the complaining was nothing, but after hearing this I have serious doubts about it.

if you watch the broadcast it was pretty obvious that Masoli was trying to remind his guys that it was a hard count - and Winnipeg picked up on it because of the emphasis put on it.

Good point about O Shea picking up the hard count (The quarterback uses an irregular, accented (thus, the term "hard") cadence for the snap count in the hope that the defense will jump offside.) ,could it be that OShea has a hearing assist device ?
Love the idea of "live mic" ,cool , takes you right in the huddle ,much more entertaining and The No Fun League doesn't do it ,we are pioneering it ,like it!
Assume there is obviously a delay so the Defence isn't sitting watching the call on TV ,they are ,so you can fake them out later by changing things around.....Enjoyed it ,more please!

Why would they have to see/hear it on TV to figure it out? Wouldn’t it be obvious to Winnipegs defence anyway since they can hear it on the field right across the line of scrimmage?

I'm thinking that with players and coaches watching and listening, iPads on the sidelines, TV monitors in the spotter's booth, stadium feeds and film, a team pretty well knows the other guys calls and formations during and certainly after each game. I don't see that being "mic'd up" really makes a whole lot of difference, or really confers much of an advantage to the opponent. Maybe some of the QBs or coaches ad lib comments, but since they rarely refer to players by name, that tends to be situational at best.

The defence probably already knows the offence's tendencies and reads the opposition formation pretty quickly, but maybe not the specific play that will be run off that formation on that play. Plus, they generally have only about 10 seconds or so to react and get their defence in position, so hearing the call would give them maybe a few more seconds. And to be honest, it all sounded like gobbly-gook to me when I watched the game recording. I can understand more watching the "Wired" segments each week. I guess I see it more as a gimmick, to make us feel like we are somehow a part of the game?

Jones touched on it actually. He said that what gets said on the line is relatively inconsequential and anything that's actually important gets changed game to game

One one of the first Bomber plays I swear I heard "Hobbit" and the pass was to Dressler. ; )

I really enjoyed the Live Mic telecast. You could really here how calm and mature Masoli sounds as well as his leadership abilities. Also hearing Mike O' Shea dropping F bombs near the end of the 1st half was priceless. :slight_smile:

Will Jason Maas constantly use foul language to try and evade/subvert the live mic when it’s his turn, or has the league threatened consequences for him if he does? I hate the live mic thing, but I think if everyone else is forced to suck it up and deal, Maas should too.

What I want to know is what do the Bombers have against Bieber. (NSFW audio)