Mic'd Up with Coach Ed O'neil....awesome!

Just logged in to check up on you knuckle dragging neanderthals ( :lol: ) and of course the home page started into it's "Rick Zamperin" thingy.....ok, yeah, whatever...lol....but then it quickly switched over to the "mic'd up" thing.......hilarious stuff and thank you to whoever thought of this.....

I was blessed with being one of the first guys these new coaches looked to for help the first day they stumbled into Balsam Ave. (techie stuff) and given the confused looks I saw on their faces that day, it is soooooooo awesome to see them in command of things now........Coach O'Neil was one of my favourite guys I met right away because even though he didn't know North or South (from where he was sitting) at the time, you could just tell he had "coach" written all over him.......he talked about his family and his past and asked directions as to how to get Downtown Hamilton, Burlington etc. but was also chomping at the bit to get busy here and get the season going....(there was a load of snow on the ground) .....:lol:

I've never really dealt with so many coaches at once from the United States so it was kinda wierd.....I thought I was in the offices of Joe Paterno or Bear Bryant......hahaha

The "mic'd up" feature was awesome and it showed how much these coaches already care about their troops.........I notice Coach O'Neil was stern but also a comedian at the right times and never tried to humiliate anyone in front of their team-mates....

great stuff!......thanks! :cowboy:

I can't really listen to it at work, but I love the idea. We REALLY need to get a mic on Gregg Butler. He is so much fun to watch and listen to.

Yup, he's a howl too.....

.....you'll enjoy this when you get home BG....hope they do it season long with various personnel in different situations (coaches offices, locker room, players on the sidelines, press box people, fans, Pigskin Pete, Cheerleaders, Caretaker etc...even ticket takers and hot dog sellers).

Heres the home link to listen to the "mic'd up" segment in case some forgot how to get to it if your link goes right to the forums...


it was funny man lol

That clip of the DB (Pride I think) who was wearing flip flop's in the gym and took O'Neils shoes so he could practice was absolutely priceless.

During a practice last week I saw coach O'Neil hustling the lineman over to another field for other drills. As they were jogging over as a group he was bantering with the boys, and to one in particular (not sure who) he said, "Son, you make cheap whiskey taste good."

Continuing to hustle by as a group, George Hudson replied, "Coach, doncha know there ain't no such thing as cheap whiskey in Canada?"

Coach O'Neil, "I've been finding that out."

Ya even Cheep is Expensive here
Got love these Coaches..
There are Great People and Teachers..

Ed is Real Character

When 1st Met him at that Kick bash
We talk about Defence.

Then the 2nd time He want me and Some Friends
to Heckle him and Open Player Try outs
to get him ready for the season.

He is Real Fun to talk to at Camp

Got to love it