Micael Vick

Michael Vick was released by the Falcons today. He will be a free man on July 20 but is still under suspension from the NFL. If the NFL decides not to reinstate Vick, would a CFL team be willing to give him a shot? I know he's rusty but, he's only 29, and maybe the best pure athlete to ever don a football uniform. He's got the perfect tools to play QB, RB, or WR in the CFL providing there's something left in the tank. And remember, he's paid his debt to society. Personally, I think we'll see him back in the NFL at some point.

I don't think he could make it in the CFL as a QB. He is not accurate and has a low completion %.

He is basically Casey Printers.

Someone will take a chance on him in the NFL. Whoever does, will probably try to convert him to a receiver/scatback.

I am all about second chances but only time will tell is he has really changed his ways.

He needs to come into someone's camp with a whole new attitude and willingness to do whatever it takes. He can always fall back on his educa............I mean $10/hr construction job.

It doesn't do much for the league's credibility to sign suspended NFL'ers just to keep them in shape for a year so they can then go back to the NFL. I'd prefer that CFL teams honour NFL suspensions. Not out of respect to the NFL, just out of respect for our own league and its players.

I humbly disagree about Michael Vick not being able to make it in the CFL as a QB. Not only could he make it(providing he can shake off the rust), but even after the 2 year layoff, he would probably be one of the best QBs in the CFL. Casey Printers is a decent athlete but he’s never seen the day when he could compare to Vick; passing, scrambling, or whatever. Remember, Vick was a starter in the NFL for a few years and Printers has yet to even make it off of an NFL practice roster. Now, the character issues are another thing altogether and that will be the only issue that keeps him out of either league.

Remember, Vick HAD to start cuz they were paying him too much money.

Let's take a look at his stats:


53.8% completion
71-52 td-int
Has not thrown for more than 3000 yards in a single season.

This is not a successful QB in the NFL. If he can't do it there, what makes you think he could do it up here? Most guys who come from the NFL normally haven't been given a chance. Dickenson, Flutie, Garcia, Porter, etc.

If you want to look at his rushing yards, that's kool by me. It just proves my point above, he should be used as a receiver / scatback and also run the wildcat.

This guy was overhyped coming out of college and overhyped in Atlanta. Like I said, they gave him a big contract and didn't want to take a hit to release him.

Are you kidding me? He would destroy up here. The wider field only plays to his strengths.

And he cant come up here anyways while suspended from the NFL.

The bigger field would be even worse for him. If he can't make a pass on a 50 yard wide field, how in the world is he going to do it on a 65 yard wide field?

I disagree there too. The man filled seats lol… He was well worth his contract. They said he was most electrifying player on the field, perhaps in the league, and that is hard to argue. He took them to the NFC Championship in 05 as well.

He has a rocket arm. However, I am talking more about his running skills. It is very important to be able to run as a QB these days, imo. I'm telling you, he would destroy.

Also, I just want to point out I am wrong about him not being able to sign anywhere because of being suspended. I guess since he no longer has a contract, he can sign anywhere, just not in the NFL.

You guys are all crazy. (no offense)

Vick is an average QB. His teams in Atlanta won because of the running attack with Warrick Dunn and him and not for his arm. He only threw to Alge Crumpler. They got him targets, like Roddy White, but he couldn't get the ball out to him. He wanted to run all the time.

He was exciting when he was running the ball, not when he was throwing. A team in the NFL will take a look at him. He's going to be rusty and will probably just get shuffled around for the next couple years.

I was high on him when he came out of college. I wanted my Bills to get him so bad. I am glad now that they didn't get him.

He is exactly like Casey Printers. Has an arm but can't hit anyone but can move like the wind.

Don't waste your time wanting your team to get Vick. He won't be successful.

If we're talking about pure athleticism, and no off-the-field issues, Vick would be coveted by every team in the CFL. He can play any skill position at a high level, including his main position; QB. Vick, as an athlete is in a whole other realm than most mortals. BTW, his NFL stats don't look so bad...

No offense but Printers couldn't carry Vick's jockstrap. And I'm more of a Printers fan(Go TCU Horned Frogs!) by far than a Vick fan. But Vick is as good of an athlete that's come down the pike in a long time. Granted, he's not the best QB ever, but, put him as QB in the CFL, and you'll see greatness.

...the man would be most likely denied access to our country, but please dont' let that HUGE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM fact stop your debate....

So you would want a QB who throws 50% completions, 3,000 yards, 20 TD, 13 INTs in a good year? His stats aren't that good.

A better than avg QB in the NFL throws for more than 3,000 yards, which Vick has never done, at least 20 TD, which Vick has done once and throwing as few picks as possible.

If you want this average QB, you can have him. In a throwing league, he will be eaten alive.

If you'll notice, we addressed that issue at the beginning of the debate.

You mean the part about paying his debt to society? That's not going to help him getting into other countries when he has a "convicted felon" ball and chain. He would need a minister's permit to even step foot in Canada, debts to society paid or not.

It's an interesting debate about his abilities though!

It's too bad the Memphis Mad Dogs were still not alive in the CFL (part of the failed USA team experiments in the mid 90's). He'd be a natural spokesman for them!!! A match up made in heaven!! :lol: :roll:

Come on thats like saying if Warren Moon… who was on the most talented team ever in the history of the CFL got a chance to play in the NFL that he would rip it apart… Oh wait that happened and I think he opened the door for black quartebacks like Vick if Im not mistaken. Vick would be average at best here, seen lots of running qbs in the CFL woppide doo.

They said... it's all HYPE my friend. I would agree with Tiger_Dirt on a certain level that his NFL states aren't great and that the hype and contract are what kept him as a starter. i watched his games when they were on the box and i always though he was OK for the NFL, a step or two below a Randal Cunningham but a very athletic individual.

i think he could be a good QB in the CFL with his scrambling ability. i would say he has the legs of tracy ham but possible the arm of nealon greene.

but hey i would pay to see a game with him on the field.

If Henry Burris can win you a Grey Cup, I'm pretty sure Michael Vick could too.

Besides, there's no agreement with the NFL anymore, so who cares if he is suspended or not.