Miami Dolphins Name Tony Sparano Head Coach


Miami Dolphins Name Tony Sparano Head Coach, Replacing Cameron

Sparano joins the Dolphins after five years with the Cowboys, where he most recently was assistant head coach for the offense, the National Football League team said in a news release. The Dolphins had an NFL-worst 1-15 record, while Dallas tied for the best record in the National Football Conference at 13-3.

...the dolphins main problems are (in no particular order):

a) effeminate team name
b) pansy team colours
c) seven year old girl drawn helmet logo

...the bucaneers were the gayest team in football before their bad-pirate makeover, the dolphins have been since and airlifting tuna and sparano in there isn't going to amount to a hill of beans...

...another one that totally blows?....the Cardinals....gimme a break, a little #$@*ing wonder they perennially suck....then exciting news comes out of Arizona in early 2005:

...wicked eh?!....let's update our wimpy logo...let's alter that sort of mad songbird to one with a downright scowl!'s Owner, Bill BIdwill's explanation of the revolutionary change: "A tough bird, hopefully it will be worn by tougher and faster and meaner players."......good one Bill, I'll translate for you: "I tried to get the league to allow us to change it to a friggin poison spitting desert tarantula but they said no, geez I hope I can sign some players that will wear this gay thing, ps, thank God it's not a dolphin".....

whats effeminate mean

...acting in a feminine spelling is probably wrong, when I think of the dolphins my brain cramps up with laughter...

lol k.

and nice shot at the NFL's worst owner - Bill Bidwell


:thdn: should go have a sleep if you're tired and have droopy thumbs...

...least it's not Tony Soprano...betcha he's never heard that one before, eh?

Man this Tony Sparano guy looks liek Victor Conte, the owner of Balco