Where are those 2 Red and White Calgary posters tonight? They usually have alot to say. I wonder why tonight is so different.

they r sulking in a backroom some where

They probably were at the game.

...if I'm one of your MIA's then you don't read much WCE, look around, I said my congrats to Sask....you gonna be around if the riders beat your leos?...we'll see...

That's one big mighty IF :wink:

.....the riders are the underdog for sure, so it is an if....anyway, I'm off to bed now WCE, have to get up at 4:30am, so hopefully rw'05 will be here eventually to please your desperate need to have stamp fans around :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: ......

to the calgary fans it was a great game and am now looking forward to an even greater game next sunday

If I can find a WiFi connection in Mar del Plata, yep :slight_smile: