Mia Gordon

Does anyone know why Mia Gordon is no longer with Ticats TV?

She did a fantastic job on Ticats.ca and live during the games.

Hope she stays with TSN1150

She certainly doesn't have a face for radio!!





much, much more here!

[url=http://thechive.com/2015/09/08/why-is-mia-gordon-on-the-radio-when-she-looks-like-this-26-photos/]http://thechive.com/2015/09/08/why-is-m ... 26-photos/[/url]

Was she not just the latest in a string of interns brought in to run and host Ticats TV each year? Like Carly Agro or Kate McKenna?

The job seems to be a very good entry level springboard to main stream media.
It allows the host to be creative and puts their personality on display...don't think it pays enough to keep anyone for too long.

I believe we've seen documentation in previous years that the TicatsTV hosts are low-payed interns on a one year gig.

[b][i]Hourly Commitment: Regular business hours + all 2016 Tiger-Cats home games and special events at Tim Hortons Field

Stipend: $300 per month + payment for each Tiger-Cats home game worked + $1000 honorarium for completing the internship requirements ($500 honorarium for 4 month internships)[/i][/b]

I wanted to say I had an amazing time working with an amazing team! I will definitely miss the panel, fans, and of course watching the Ticats win. I am still with TSN 1150 so make sure to tune in! Could have some exciting news coming up! Thank you all for the support this season and to the Ticats for the opportunity!