I thought for a long time about if I should even post and what I would say if I did. I've been a proud Bomber fan for most of my life and I don't think it has ever been this bad. I even went on other sites and read what fans said. I dismissed the " I told you so" posters as the immature beings they are and realized there were two distinct groups. Those that gave their honest opinion and concern for what is wrong and how to fix it and those that want to abandon the team. The first group are true fans. I feel sorry for the second group because being a Leaf fan, I have wanted to walk away more than once. I understand the frustration, but these are the times that test our mettle as fans. After last nights" game I saw it really isn't the individuals that we cheer for, but it's the team we cheer for. Players come and go, but the team is forever!....Quitting on this team now, would be doing exactly what some of those players did last night!

Good on you Dan.We all have our opinions but most still support the team. :thup:

Oh man you're a Leafs fan? Now there's a pain I know well. Last season was a heartbreaker when they looked so good in the first half. :frowning:

It's not about the players, it's about the team, right on Dan :thup:

This is a bad football team, worse than the Reinbold two seasons in the mid 90,s. I will continue to go to the games and cheer and BOO, I hope to see a few signs of life for next year.

...having lived through the infamous Cardboard King years here in cowtown I wholeheartedly agree with your advice Dan, you stick by the team not the individuals on the team...the entity that is the Blue Bombers needs your support, and at the same time the personnel running the entity known as the Blue Bombers needs your criticism...

...go to games with bags on your heads, go to games with a full arsenal of boos at the ready, go to games and laugh at the sheer ridiculousness of it all but still go to the games...

I'm re-posting a comment posted by TrueBlue75 at EP regarding wearing a bag on your head:

I will NEVER cover my head in a paper bag. I will always remember one pregame when fans were allowed to stand by the south end zone Coach Harris tore a strip off a couple of "fans" wearing bags on their heads. Having met Coach Harris I have HUGE respect for him. I will never forget what he said: "if you have a point to make then at least be man enough to show your faces". Needless to say they were speechless and eventually slunk away. In my opinion the paper bags on heads idea is more embarrassing to those wearing them than to the organization. But, whatever floats people's boats I guess.....

Thank you for sharing. A great point and a great reminder to the man Coach Harris was. Can't help but think things would be better if he were still with us. There would be no quitters or laughers on this team.

I'm happy to say that no one on this forum has said they will quit the team. It was on other forums I read this attitude, another reason I should stick here, but I was curious. Quitters piss me off!.... For several games now, I have thought Muamba is our best on D. The dropped passes in the last game looked as if the receivers were trying too hard and that can snowball into the mess we watched.

.....Anyone'quitting' this team are no better than some of the players that have...NO EXCUSES for fans or players that have taken that road...I rant at some of the moves made (or not made) by this club...i call it constructive criticism...BUT it never leads to throwing in the towel...That is for quitters and 'losers' if you prefer...I know a lot of fans (and some of our players) that will never be slotted to that category...GoBombers...It's time to get this thing righted.. :rockin:

IMO if you're a fan then you're a fan, through good times and bad. I can understand heartbreak and quitting a team under extreme circumstances, like when the oilers traded Wayne Gretzky for one. Most every team will give their fans bitter disappointment at times in their history, or in the case of the Chicago Cubs no world series title in over 100 years, no NL penant in over 65 years. The rest of this season we can either watch the current collection of guys show us there mettle or they can continue to disprove our theory of "well, it can't get any worse than this" week after week. Then, come training camp 2013 our hopes for a winning season will be renewed once again.

As long as the board is running the show we have no chance of this team being a contender. And if we do by luck have a good team one year the board will destroy it. :x