Metric knows what we need right now

Saw them at the Convention Centre last time they were here, great Canadian group, not everyone's cup of tea but I like them. Nice post JFL! :thup:


Horrifying music. The girl looks high.

So horrifying that the Convention Centre was packed and Metric is playing along with the likes of Silversun Pickups and Agains't Me in Philly. :wink:

We need a R.T , not crap music.

Is that a Rap Terminator or Right Tackle. Either one is good

Indi FM (101.5) will be playing Stadium Love once an hour for the next several hours, dedicated to the Ticats, the city, and all of us. :smiley:

zen, but you have to admit she looks pretty darn good high or otherwise. :wink:

Actually she's talented, I have a CD of hers doing her own stuff, very mellow and nice piano work, not that I would know but yes, she's a rocker but not just a rocker.

That type of music is not my favorite (I'm 52). That said, I was crying by the end of it. They did a good job of capturing that primal spirit that comes out when a large group of people are saturaded in adrenaline, defending their home turf and pouring out their common will toward a battle between friend and foe. I last felt swept away and connected, near the end of the last game against Winnipeg (aug 7th). If you weren't there, in person, you missed something. The reason the video brought out a few tears was the thought that we could loose so many of these future junctures.

If it came to that (I don't think it will), if it comes to the end of our very last game; they better call in the military cause the Hammer will rock like Montreal in 1955 (Richard riot).

It might be 3rd and long, but it's not over.