Method to the Madness?

It seems every week Mike Kelly manages to find something that gets media types talking about him, or his "outbursts", or at very least puts the spotlight on him for most of the week. Some people just simply believe Mike Kelly is a moron who knows absolutely nothing about football (despite working and coaching with a legend of the game in Joe Gibbs). But could it be that for a team that is struggling to find it's feet early in the season, that maybe Kelly is trying to make as much noise as possible to deflect at least SOME negative attention to him instead of the team?

I listen to him on the coaches show, and listen to him in interviews and when he's not being curt with stupid reporters for asking the same question 10 times (Friesen from the Sun is a moron IMO, I've held this view for quite some time) he talks with intelligence about the game, he can describe rather clearly what they're trying to achieve on offense and why it hasn't happened yet, and IMO Mike Kelly is exactly the type of coach we need to help turn things around...I know I'm in the minority on that one.

But all Kelly haters aside (cause they don't care about logic...just about hating Kelly period) I can't see how Mike Kelly would just "accidentally" do this kind of stuff, he's been around long enough to know better. I think this is a case of Mike Kelly taking heat off his team and putting it on himself.

I also love the tenacity and the smash-mouth attitude he's brought back to our defense, I love seeing our guys out there playing with a chip on their shoulder. And I really believe in time this whole team is going to turn the corner and catch fire going into the stretch.

This Sportsnet power ranking said it all,

5 Win (1-2-0) Down Last week: 3 -- Mike Kelly, you can yell at the media all you want. In the end, the football gods will always win. While Kelly spent all week yelling at the media for daring to ask him reasonable questions about "Spygate," the football gods got their revenge as former Bomber Kevin Glenn burned his old team. Maybe Kelly should spend less time barking at reporters for doing their job and more time coaching his team.
Taking the attention off the team is all fine and dandy but, that's two out of three games now where he admitted, and it was obvious, that he had been out coached and it cost a W. Time for him to put up or shut up because the media has already decided which way they are going to go with this.

Yes, I saw that sportsnet article as is very bang on I'd say.

He also refused to shake Marcel B.'s hand after the Saturday game ... real class act, this guy.

I was not aware of that....................what a moron.

Kelly also walked away from the female TSN reporter who was trying to interview him at halftime just as they cut to her.

Yeah. Word out of Connecticut is that he's in to guys... but only tough ones.

The game was a non-issue and he didn't wanna talk about it! Leave the guy alone!
Sorry, had to use the quote of the decade on this one :lol:

You can't blame Mike Kelly for being a bit curt with the reporters, there are like 3 Winnipeg sports media people that are worth paying attention to, and as far as I know, they weren't asking the same question 10 times over....and over....and over....and over....and over. I know they're whole tactic WAS to illicit that type of reaction. See if they spent more time REPORTING and less time trying to get a soundbyte.....maybe they'd be interesting to read....probably not.

I think the one guy Kelly snapped at was Paul Friesen from the Sun, and if so, I'm disappointed with Mr.Kelly....I would have liked to see him flat out deck Paul Friesen cause I can't stand the guy! And if he gets a chance, pop Beauregard too, heck even Milt Stegall laced into him ("Ohhhh junior HOCKEY" lol). Tait, Knuckles, and Zalnasky I don't mind at all.

We've lost two games, on the ROAD, by a combined total of 15 points...and he's being HORRIBLY out coached? When you lose a game by less than two scores, that's not being severly out coached, that's just losing a close football game, if we don't take a stupid penalty at the end of the 4th, we're 5 yards closer and Serna nails the kick (which he did the first time anyway, unfortunately it didn't count) and it's a tie game, and who knows what happens in overtime?

But the haters will keep hating because this is Winnipeg and that's what we do! That's probably also why we lose potential FA's to other Whyte from BC put it "...why would I want to go to Winnipeg where I'll get death threats if I miss one kick?" Apparently our reputation in Winnipeg is preceeding us.

Amen. I absolutely hate Freisen. I think if the earth stopped revolving, he’d blame it somehow on Serna.

Kelly isn't much better of a person. Wouldn't even shake Bellfeuille's hand after the Cats won. 3 games into the season and he's already the most hated coach. That would even be okay in my book, but his trades,releases and on field performances can be labelled as AT LEAST questionable. Hopefully this is just the noob coaching jitters, otherwise you guys are stuck with a tool who can't coach for 3 years.

At least he didn't give Marcel the one finger salute. :wink:

I didn't see it but when I read that he didn't shake Marcel's hand, that irked me. You should shake the opposing coaches hand, no matter what. Marcel, from what I've seen and heard, seems like a class act and there was absolutely no reason not to shake hands with him. Poor sportsmanship.

Yeah ! This is he guy that was going to bring "class" back to the Bombers organisation. LMAO ! What a croc of shiat. The guy could very well be the least classy HC in Bomber history.

Catching up to Reinebold, isn't he?

Under JI Albrect Toronto started the season a few years ago with a coach who refused to give half time interviews, shake hands etc. Can't remember this fellows name but, he once played linebacker for the Als. He was gone before the season ended.

John Huard

Kelly is a very abrasive personality and deserves the beat down he is getting from around the league, but let's be clear here.

This same time last year the Bombers were 0 - 3 and had scored 64 points.

Kelly is 1 - 2 and his team has scored 72 points.

At this point, he is already ahead of last years team without a working passing game on offense.

Is he really a bad coach ?

If I remember right, the Bombers started last season with big injury issues didn't they?

It is tough to compare two football teams

I would say the defense looks better. Special teams look better Serna / Worse return game, offense ground better/passing killing you guys.