Met Ryan and Pat at the Ticat Game

Went to the Ticat game tonight.

Met Ryan at the game. Ryan was there with family/friends and he went out of his way to make me feel welcome. Ryan is a nice man and MUCH kinder than his persona. :slight_smile:

We went for wings after the game and they were GREAT!

Thanks to Ryan for including me in the fun tonight.

Met Patrick very briefly. He also seemed like a nice man. I would have stayed and chatted but he was sitting in one of the few areas that were packed and there was no place for me to sit.

Too bad the Ticats lost. Great game, tho.

Did Ryan meet pat? Would have loved to see that

No. They never met. :slight_smile:

Like I said, Ryan seems like a very nice man so I’m sure they would have been fine.

It’s not Ryan I’m worried about :wink:

It was nice to meet Kevin - but I blame him for the loss.

Cats were controlling the game and then Kevin handed me something all wrapped in plastic as he introduced himself part way into the 4th quarter. I didn't really look at it - just put in my pocket. From that moment on the Argos pretty much dominated and won the game.

When I got home and emptied my pockets - only then did I realize what Kevin handed me was a baby blue coloured rosary. (Kevin's convinced I need to return to the Catholic Church - sorry Kevin - but that won't happen). Once that blue coloured item was in my possession - it was all the blue team. lol

I think I've heard it all. Now it's the Catholic Church's fault for the Ticat's woes. ::slight_smile:

Oh Dan - Develop a sense of humour please. I was joking.

So was I.

It was a terrific game. Went into O.T. The winning/losing drive took place right in front of where Ryan and I sat.

After we went for delicious wings (I had 2 lbs :o) while Ryan, and his friends, made fun of me (in a good natured way) because I ate my wings with a knife and fork. :slight_smile:

I really had a nice night.

Glad you guys had fun.

Would have been a sweet moment for this Argos fan to witness all those tiger tears at the end of OT. On the other hand, I still have both my ears fully intact this morning, which likely would not be the case had I joined you guys at THF. ;D

You only live once and you should have come. :slight_smile:

Security was strict(!) last night, which makes me wonder if they suspected an attack was coming.

Or perhaps someone tipped them off that the Chestmaster would be in attendance.

That’s true!

Ryan fooled them, tho. Ryan always tells people/posters/me that he is fat. He is not.

Really? That’s disappointing.

I didn’t mean it in a bad way but Ryan kept warning me that he is fat and he is not.

Caught me by surprise… in a good way. :slight_smile:

Huh. I’m the nicest mother lover in this site.

It was my vertical stripe shirt. Very slimming lol

Dude I’m 5’9 270lbs. Imma a butterball lol

That was fun though. Had a great time.

Lmao. I was going to go with Kev to meet Pat till I found out where he was sitting. Way in the uppers with commoners . I’ll stay with my kind in the lower bowl thank you very much