Messam traded?

I was told that Messam has been traded. can anyone confirm this??


Former Most Outstanding Canadian Jerome Messam is heading to Montreal.
On Tuesday, the Edmonton Eskimos dealt the running back to the Alouettes for a sixth round pick in the CFL Draft.

Messam rushed for only 168 yards last season after failing to land a job in the NFL.

In 2011, Messam rushed for 1,057 yards and six touchdowns en route to being named the league's Most Outstanding Canadian.

Take the question mark out of this Thread it is official from TSN. Messam and AL

WOW!! Messam for a 6th Round Pick? Even with Tillman gone the Eskies are making terrible deals. If this was for a 2nd round pick I'd STILL say the Als got the better deal. Unreal......

The Eskimos just freed up cap space. Unfortunately Messam comes with to large a price tag, which makes trading for anything difficult. His salary is Montreal's problem now.

Yea, I guess the Eskies said the same thing about Ricky Ray. I'm glad he's Toronto's problem now! :rockin:

Messam isn't even in the same conversation as Ray in terms of worth to a team. I like the acquisition, but Messam will have to compete for a roster spot in training camp just like everyone else. No guarantee he'll even make the team, let alone be an impact player.

I liked Hugh Charles last year in EDM, Messam is a great young Canadian star but I always thought that smaller, speedy RB'S have more success in the CFL, opposed to a runner like Messam. That being said im sure he will do well in Montreal.

We'll see.

....Definitely a salary dump by the esks....Messam is an ni which is a positive...bad lockeroom conduct a negative....IF he can return to the hard hitting back he was before he was injured, he could be an asset...A 6th. round pic sure isn't much to give-up for him...He could be worth the risk????? :wink:

We still have seven picks...

No guarantee Whitaker returns, Jennings was good as his replacement. Messam gives them another option that has been successful in the CFL. He also gives the Als some ratio flexibility if say they lose Perrett and want to go with an import like Ola in his spot. Even if they end up cutting him it’s not much of a loss as they didn’t pay much of a price to get him. Pretty shrewd move to get a good player for next to nothing. As for the locker room issues, was there anything beyond his punching out Paris Jackson in BC? I thought he handled the revolving door at RB in edmonton last year quite well and didn’t make waves when he was sharing field time with Charles and Boyd.

You make it sound like the Argo's never make any mistakes. Really. This was a money deal. IMHO i'm not so sure Messam is %100