Messam released by Dolphins

As reported by Matt Dunigan on Twitter, Jerome Messam has been released by the Miami Dolphins today.

If nobody picks him up in 10 days he will be able to come back to Edmonton.

He's probably still recovering from his injury though. I doubt he plays this season.

That is an issue I must say - stay the course with Charles/Boyd....

Messam hooks up with write-up as of yet - more to come.

Writ-up is now in the link.

'Bout to get awfully crowded. :lol:

Now on the other hand; I feel now that Messam is going to pass the Physical [not confirmed yet however] - having said that Boyd maybe the odd man out down the trail. There are no shortage of RB's on the Esks roster that's for sure. Seeing the Eskies got Boyd for nothing and if they do end up trading Cory; he'll go in a package deal with another player/draft choices perhaps to another team. Deadline for trading is October 10th around 4:00 P.M. Eastern time; wait and see.