Messam re-signs

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Important signing to open ratio options after losing out on a couple big Nationals on the OL.

If they got him on the cheap then thats fine. Hope they can get a bit more bang for their buck out of him. Not his fault though if they decided to sit him during the last few games. The Runing back situation is one they have to get cleared up. This merry go round of who is the feature back week in and week out does no one any good. Players don't get in a rhythm with the O line or the qb.
Make a choice and then give the feature back the rock and let him do his thing. Yes we were spoiled having Sheets but that kind of back does not come along every day so don't expect Sheet like numbers from the running back. If you do your only going to set the team up for disappointment.

The only other thing to do is to go out and recruit a new back that has that kind of potential but again easier said then done. Even if you do Kory didn't shine until his second year with the green and white so expecting that kind of production out of a new back is asking a lot also. However hopefully Durant is in good shape and our passing attack is much more effective which will help take the load of the running game.

I am betting they find a gem at RB. They did these camps and landed Sheets, and have started them again. To me, that seems like a good place to really scout that position, as well as LB and to some degree DE. I think it is not so good for OL, WR, and DBs.

Maybe this means the end of Neil Hughes as a Rider.

Could be, but would be a shame. He has lots left in the tank, and has been so under-utilized. It was nice to see him get a chance when Sheets went down, but it was almost like they stopped using him when he had success.

He was hurt most of last season was he not? Didnt watch many games as I was out of canada for most of the season

I refer to 2013...when Sheets played but was out. Yes, he was injured most of the year. I tend to think he will call it a career, which is a shame IMO. Very under-used player who had the skills, ability and knowledge to do a lot more. He is like the team's version of Mccullough but on O...always doing great things when out there, simply not out there enough.

A much different Jerome Messam than the one that played in BC, then in EDM. A lot more mature and well rounded offensive player.
He reinvented himself last season being a more versatile Ball Carrying power back as well as TE receiving threat.
Since the evolution of football everywhere the FB position as a lead blocker is extinct. In the CFL 5 receiver sets were the norm and the FB position was exclusively a special Teams player that has all changed.
A player listed as a FB means many different things. Including a TE that is a threat to catch the ball. Messam added that as well as being a great change up power Ball carrying back.
He also has realized that everyone in the CFL needs to be able to play Special Teams.

Messam played most of last season not in game condition. Hopefully he's worked on that in the off-season and in the upcoming TC.