Messam not returning to Stamps - will Riders pursue him?

Not like we NEED Messam, but the math for the cap and Messam’s Cdn status may work here, and LaFrance is now gone. Jones is obviously taking a very serious run at the Grey Cup in 2018, and high performing veterans in key spots are needed whenever you want a championship. Plus Jones are Messam are fairly tight. Not sure if Messam has one more all star year left in him. He may be a good fit here if the $ works.

a 33 year old RB who has sharply declining numbers 2 seasons in a row behind the best OL in the league...pass

If you can lock him up for around 80k...ok. Might happen at that...Messam actually looked at Regina as a potential place to settle long term / post playing, and he is a fan of Jones. If he is not an every down back, fine. His size could displace Richardson...though I don't see Jones letting his latest experiment in Richardson go.

If he’s truly motivated and focused on his next stage of life past football, he would sign here for an agreeable salary, help us win the next Grey Cup and be able to exploit his notoriety here post CFL career. There’s some good opportunity in that vs elsewhere where nobody would know him

With a history of signing former Stamps, yes I can see Jones doing it

Jones does seem to have a good grasp on players ‘best before’ dates so if Riders do sign him it’s because Messam can still contribute. I can’t see anything indicating that he can’t.

You can't see that he is losing a yard per carry in his average per season?

Anyone can contribute. Obviously Messam still can, but he has met the cliff.

Heard that before. Then watched Henry Burris and Ricky Ray win Grey Cups.

Wasn't aware of a big decline in either of those player's performances. In fact, Burris had arguably his best season the year before winning the cup and had 2 very solid seasons in Hamilton where he had the #1 offense one season but they had one of the worst defenses in CFL history and then a very good season ending in a GC loss. The following season was a be expected on an expansion team. Ray's ability has never been in question, his ability to stay healthy most definitely was.

Messam signed here, not sure of the $ involved. All I want to see is a near 1000 yd or 1000+yd season from someone on the ground. Been missing that since...............Messam left. Canadian too.

Comparing QBs to RBs is not an apt comparison. That being said, I see no reason why Messam can't be a positive.

He gives us that extra dimension on the ground. That certain 4 or 5 yards up the gut, where the other backs offer a different ground attack. Seems Jones really needs a very well rounded running game.

I'd expect he will be more of a situational guy. Can't see him being a feature back as they still have Marshall, Richardson and Thigpen but could see him as more of a ratio guy for certain packages

I agree. Jones and Murphy have alluded to that as well. I think the final win in getting him was a "hey, you can make 150 and be a feature back for a year or 2 or you can be a positional/rotational guy at 110 and play for double that"

Riders would have won a few more games last season had we consistently been able to move the sticks on 2nd and 4 or 5 etc. Messam gives us that, along with the ability to take the odd deep run up the field. Jones likes to rotate the talent and as a large man, Messam gets gassed more easily as he ages - so I think his strategic use as described above was always the plan for pursuing him. The man wants a ring and this club and usage as such is Messam's best chance to get one while playing & contributing - vs sitting.

I think he is most dangerous catchingbthe ball,out of the backfield and turning up the field. Hard to bring him down and he punishes the defence. With a head of steam he is dangerous.

Except he had the lowest completion percentage of any back last year. Catching the ball is his weakness. But when he does, I agree, he is a load to bring down.

Maybe BLM can't throw well??

So is Jerome Messam likely to be the starting RB for the Roughriders' this weekend? It seems that Messam is the only RB the Roughriders are carrying who's not on the suspended list.


Might need to give that another boo. Nobody is on it, Thigpen will be.

Messam was not even the best RB in camp...he will see a lot of reps though.

Stacy was pretty end blocker, respectable but not stunning speed, good power. He was not really pumped about PR time behind 2 imports and a Canadian...honestly...I would have been fine with him playing because IMO he was a very good blocker.

Thigpen is pretty dangerous...and I think there may be something in Tre Mason. Look forward to seeing him. As good as Stacy looked at reading his assignments and by no means being a scrub rusher...Tre has something

Pretty sure they are okay with 3 guys who can take legit reps for now.