Messam joins riders

So Messam is now on the team. Was this to fill the gap with Hughes being sidelined or is there still some questions about Allen and Tolson? If Messam is healthy I think this could be a good move referring to having an experienced player to give the two rookies time to adjust. He is also Canadian (hate the term national or international) so that helps with the ratio factor. Will he see action this week I guess remains to be seen as far as how fast he picks things up. I also have to wonder how his conditioning is after being off for a couple of weeks since training camp.
On paper this looks like a fairly good move and as long as he doesn't come with a big contract I don't really see too much of a downside to it. Again time will tell how healthy and what he can bring to the team. Allen and Tolson must be a bit concerned though having him around. I have to say from what I saw of Tolson in the preseason games I thought he would have gotten the nod before Allen so I have to wonder if there isn't something that hasn't come out about him yet?

So long as it does not translate to exchanging one headache for another, this is great. I'd still like to see one of the rookies pushed for primary back, but yeah, the ratio portion is huge.

Messam seemed to have been humbled and matured since returning to the CFL and last year playing in Montreal.
He may have started his career as a problem guy. Also he was not known for blocking or receiving really. He did however start a lot of games in Montreal and appeared to have improved in every area including playing special teams if I remember right. He was not great with Montreal but he was not awful either. I think he played avg and once Sutton got up to speed with the Als scheme he was just a better RB than Messam.
having Messam on the roster gives them a second RB that has had success in the CFL. after being released by the Als could certainly change an attitude around. Time will tell if he can play teams and block effectively but being part of the Canadian roster as a 2nd RB with experereince is just something that the Riders should not at least try. It just does not seem that they can get two import RBs on the roster or they don't want to with using the DI spot elsewhere.

Sweet, an NI backup for Neal Hughes!

Just don't play poker against him. 8)

it's official...


also signed Ciante Evans as a DB from the Cornhuskers

damn...I didnt realise Messam was so big. He could go on the DL or LB
6-3, 245

Can you say…FREIGHT TRAIN!!

Did Messam touch the ball in the first half against Montreal? What's the deal, is he to be the Riders 2nd half secret weapon? Don't understand what is going on with the offence. Some brutal play calling at times. Our offence is very predictable right now. Its sad when your team's spread to win is -13.5 and they only score 16pts :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

No he didn’t
same as last week.
I’d say they have basically handed 2 players the ball and said you guys decide who’s number 1.
Personally I would like to see it mixed up a bit throughout the game. Stamps have done a great job of that over the past several years.

Mixing it up, why not? Although this week it may have been a ratio thing. The TV broadcast does not always show who comes on and off the field when Messam is in. And there was also a short yardage play that i noticed in the first half where both Messam and Ford were on the field on the same play.

But I also like the idea of the 'change of pace'. Run Ford for a few series until the LBs get into a groove with his tendencies and cutbacks. Then steamroll them with Messam for a couple of drives. Make the defenders think more and rely on instinct less.

Rumor is he is pretty banged up...we shall see in a day or 2, but he was in a sling after the Als game.

I would not doubt he is banged up , I believe when he ran over Kyries Hebert he may have been hurt regardless I love the way this guy runs the ball , can only hope he isn’t out to long. I know Hebert won’t be forgetting number 33 any time soon.