Messam in hot water

Anybody hear what happened? I didn't know the Lions had a suspended list. He start a fight at the camp or something?

I haven't seen, nor heard anything to suggest he's in hot water. The only thing i could find was the following quote from Wally on the Lions website...

“In the best interest of the BC Lions Football Club and Jerome Messam, he has been placed on our suspended list while he works through some personal matters?

Link to the page:

[url=] ... elease-six[/url]

So...according to an article in today's Province, it turns out that Messam was not attentive during scrimmage and may have also violated club policy by having a female visitor in his room.

[url=] ... story.html[/url]

Seems he has caused problems before. I wonder how long til Wally has had enough with him and boots him...

Het Grims i heard it the players that suspended him not Wally.

That's what I like to see.....a guy with spirit! I bet he'll be awesome.

Yup, he's gone. Traded to the Eskies for a draft pic. That worked out about as well as one could hope.