Messam done for season

The Eskimos just took a huge hit.

That really blows for all involved. I don't know much about that type of injury, but I just hope it's not career threatening.

I've had that. It is awful. Had the surgery. Haven't been the same since (but that is probably because my idiot Doctor left me injured for 2 years before finally doing something other than meds). It shouldn't be career threatening.

Torn or shorn cartilage requires surgery as this type of tissue is resistant to autologous repair.

Difficult to say whether he will be as formidable as he was...and it will take 6-12 months to fully rehabilitate such an injury.

Hopefully, he'll be ready to go by training camp.

That's too bad. I was hoping he would have at least beat up on the Lions linebackers for us.

That's a weird injury, he will be prone to swelling in his knee for the rest of his career.

Hmm, tore my acl (left) plus meniscus . Meniscus and bone repair on right and have had no re-ocurring side effects,ie swelling,etc.
Of course every person is different but i see no problem with him returning next season with a meniscus tear.

Ps, please excuse my spelling.

Pps, always remember there are doctors who graduated with a 80 0/0 and those who graduated with a 95 0/0.

This is a huge loss for the Eskies. It's like the cats losing Cobourne. He's as good as or better than most import RBs. Hopefully, he will be able to continue his career.

An Argo-Cat fan

His knee may be broken but his mouth will be working.

The boy has attitude but unlike most he backs it up.

I feel like the league should take a long hard look at hits at or below the knee, and consider making them illegal (like in Australian rules football). I understand that a smaller player needs to hit a bigger player below their center of gravity in order to really gain leverage, but the guys in the CFL don`t make enough money to have their careers ruined by a helmet-on-knee collision.