Messam cut by Dolphins, Eskimos property in 10 days

Just saw a tweet from TSN's Dave Naylor "report that among 9 Dolphin Cuts this morning is RB Jerome Messam. Becomes Esks property in 10 days." Well if no one else picks him up, the Esks back field gets a little more interesting....

It's hard to imagine how Messam isn't good enough to make that team.

With Reggie Bush, Daniel Thomas and Lamar Miller (who was drafted after Messam had signed) all but guaranteed the topthree spots, Messam’s odds of making the Dolphins weren’t great. He was basically in a battle with Steve Slaton and Marcus Thigpen, both of whom are quicker and can be used on special teams. I would have been more surprised if Messam made the Dolphins.

This does, however, complicate things in the Edmonton backfield, no? I don’t know Edmonton’s roster make up very well, so is it possible that the Esks could dress three running backs? If so, which player comes off the roster to make that happen?

Assuming Messam is healthy, I would think they will dress only two tailbacks -- Messam and only one of the two imports. Too early to say whether Boyd or Charles sits -- we'll know more after Monday's game.