message to the negative so called Bomber Fans

Well another win (that's 3 in a row) and again all the recievers were awesome, the o-line was outstanding, Kevin Glenn Looed Great again (3 games in a row), Fred Reid Rocks (message to all the whinibg Roberts fans ... Reid is better) and Roberts has alway's been a negative influence in the locker room, Roberts leaves/Bombers Win, coincidence ... NOT!!!

Again Fred Reid Rocks, Joe Smith is a monster, Samuels comes to play every play and loves to lay the smackdown, Moreno (what a steal) ... Finally we have a GREAT returner in Armstead, maybe the best in the league, another great pick up.

Where are all the Taman haters now? Oh Yeah jumping back on the bandwagon, my advice is don't bother, you never believed before the win streak as many of us die hard fans have, we don't need nor want you on the Bandwagon, told ya so many times!!

So the Taman haters dissapear cause they realize THEY WERE WRONG, whine about Roberts getting traded, boo hoo, we have 2 great backs now instead of a negative influence. Taman stole Moreno, Samuels and Armstead and what did he give up "Cry Baby Roberts and a Draft Pick", who looks like the genius now? who looks stupid now? All the so called Bomber Fans who have jumped off the bandwagon, knocked Taman and Berry, you are not REAL fans, only when the team wins!!! And that is not a TRUE BLUE FAN, STAY HOME!!


(guilty party) yea i spoke to soon the changes made seem to be working now if only we had a kicker

Yikes, what's with Serna, if it's the holder, just get Franklin back in there already, otherwise Berry needs to ship his butt out of town now.

i agree with all most what you say but i have to say it may be a bit of a stretch to say Armstead is the best returner in the league. he is played great as of late dont get me wrong…but i think Dominique Dorsey and Tristan Jackson and Ian Smart may have something to say about Armstead being “the best rerturner in the league”

but kudos to Armstead…he has been phenomenal since signing with the bombers :thup:

....we don't have to get all excited, everytime we pull off a win.. that is left to the last plays of the game...Question???

Are we playing cat and mouse with the opposition...or just plain out mean ....dangling a 'come-from-behind -win' in front of them and then snatching it away in the last plays of the game....Why are we trying to give it away and then like a mean-type banker , cancel their loan just as they thought they were going to put their money in the bank :lol: It's working lately...and if Berry has figured a way for this team to be successful (playing on the edge) then great....It just keeps me wondering???are we for real or we just like a 'geat' horse, on the inside rail, heading into the stretch and finish line with a confident smile on our faces :roll: :wink: :wink: congrats to AjFranklin on his first td....the start of many.. :rockin:

i had no clue that Arjei Franklin didnt have a TD until last night....hasn't he been with the bombers for a couple of years now? and he seems pretty good....i never see him dropping balls and it seems like he gets open a decent amount of the time


  • loved how big country stated we were going to win next week on the score post-game locker room interview. that was beyond gold.

Anyone else cheer to Arjei's td knowing it was his first in his cfl career. man i was pumped for him when he beat the db and glad glenn throw that up for him to take.

samuels came out flying and left a mark or 2 on a few eskimoes.

glenn looked good minus then the blatant pick. but was throing some good football to open receivers.

and glad to see that stegall continued to add to his records that shall never be broken.

Congrats blue. and even more so gonrats to romby sticking up for glenn to go flying in after that cheap shot. and props to the crowd for giving him a standing ovation while he walked off the field.

Sorry, but I still am not convinced about the Bomber play. Let's see we won against a last place team, Hamilton. A struggling Toronto that appears to be in crash and burn mode. Edmonton got beaten up big time by Montreal and appears to be on a downslide. If the Bombers had won against the Riders, Stampeders, Lions, or Alouettes, I would get excited. If you want to parade Taman on your shoulders, go for it. You will just make a fool of yourself.

House dog give me a break hamilton has almost beat ever single good team in this league what they loose games by 3 points there a good team. Toronto just sucks but we still strugling to handed that game to them hard getting are momentum going, edmonton was 7-5 and 1 win out of first in the west don't give me the crap that they are on the down swing we played them that whole game to the wire and came out on top and didn't we beat calgary in a shootout also hmmmm anyways who cares what you think your not the type of fan this team needs anyways your negative views on the team shows that you obviously fell off the bandwagon and hit your head pretty hard.

I for one am pretty proud to say I never came off the Taman bandwangon. I happen to think he's a great GM.

But you're right...not hearing too many more calls for Taman's head...

What Bandwagon ?? The Taman Bandwagon.

Yep…that’s the one! :thup:

The teams we played lately are not good teams. So let's not start touting our horns. The real test will be when Bombers play Calgary and Montreal away. Some fans think Taman is a big hero. How stupid. With the record we have. And some think we are going to win a Grey Cup, This is a joke. David Lettermen should talk about this on his show. That way everyone can have a good laugh. :cowboy:

What is it exactly that Taman's done wrong?

Letterman should have you on his show...

Sanjay, that is why we don't call you a "TRUE FAN", cause you're quick to judge without merit and are alway's soooooooo... NEGATIVE, YOU ARE WHAT WE CALL, A WANNA BE FAN WHO SHOULD STAY HOME!! And by the way you are the one that looks like an A$$, Taman picked up Armtead, Moreno, Smith, Reid, Armstrong, Edwards for NOTHING, except Roberts ... WOW ... Cause Reid is better anyway's.

i agree taman is awesome, he has done a great job, he made our running game go from 70 yards a game, to 130 yards a game.

Calgary destroyes Toronto, BC hammered Hamilton, And just look what the Alouettes did to Riders. The Alouettes are the power house of the league. The Bomber have played weak teams in both Toronto and Hamilton. The Bombers schedule has them again playing some weak teams. They will have their work cut out when they play Montreal again. As for Taman. We have not won any Grey Cups under his leadership. I think he has been with the team for over 10 years. That says it all.

house dog

its not all taman... is he the one who is telling the players what do every game? is he the one who runs the offence? is he the one who runs the defence? does he motivate the players to perform? does he run the drills in practise? does taman make the game plan? Does Taman make the playbook? does taman decide who are the starters?

NO HE DOESN'T! he just picks up the best possible players for what we can afford under the salary cap, sign the paycheques, make good trades (which he has done this year)... and thats it.

The team performance ultimately rests at Taman's doorstep. Yes, he does get the players. NO GREY CUPS. His record speaks for itself. :rockin: :rockin: :lol: :cowboy: