Message to the delusional Lions fans...

...I can't step into your forum out of good manners and dumb rules and ask you this, but what level of make-believe fantasy world are you guys playing on to think that should the football gods grant your team the priviledge of playing the Ticats at IWS that you actually stand a chance?...and what manner of illegal opiate is being shared amongst yourself that should H1N1 completely devastate the Hamilton bench and you squeak by the Black and Gold, bouyed by incredibly inept reffing, that your styrofoam and duct tape team beats the inhuman meat grinder that parks their terrible machine of carnage at McGill Stadium?...

...I want to laugh at the naivety, shake my head with fatherly concern, but I'm compelled to hold you in my arms and soothingly say 'it's all right, it's all right' while your snuffles and hitches turn into calm off-season sleep..

Sorry, I curious... what do you mean by "dumb rules"?

Lions @ Ticats for the EDSF would be like boxing a man with no arms. The injuries and sickness have piled up way too much for BC. First things first though, get those annoying Pegger’s off our backs :wink:

No trolling in another team's forum...CFL talk is fair game.

....^^ what he said...

That rules stops people?! I hadn't noticed.

....or similar to another historical battle....

It's just a flesh wound...

hahahhhaahahahahhahhaahhahahhahahaaahahahahhahahahaaaahhhaahahah.....b.c sucks!!!!!!

Hm? Oh I don't think we would win, some of Cobb's best games of the season have been against the Lions, plus Printers and Pierce are out, so we would have even less of a chance:

"With his thumb currently injured, Casey Printers will get X-rays on Saturday to make sure everything from a college-era surgery on that area is still structurally intact. If the Lions live to play another game, it is highly unlikely that Buck Pierce will be available. Travis Lulay would be ready, though. Lulay missed the last game more due to the flu than his shoulder. If Printers' thumb injury doesn't get better, Lulay could potentially start for B.C. if they have another game." - TSN

I just want to keep that playoff streak going. Go Ti-Cats!

Yes, ALL lions fans are obviously heroin addicts. Not only that, we have no concept of reality. I am very pleased you pointed out our obvious faults.

Glad you're not a weakass troll. I mean, if you were, I wouldn't take your post seriously.

Oh wait, you are a weakass troll, nevermind.

Fail troll is fail. Try harder, lrn2trollk?

Is it me, or are Lions fans extra touchy this weekend? :stuck_out_tongue:

I think its just you. Some are in denial, some are disapointed (me), some are pissed off and some have ditched the Lions as aparently the Canucks won a few games finally.

:lol: That was good.

It was? Wasn’t intended to be good. I really don’t follow the NHL. I judge how well they are doing based on how many people come to work on the bandwagon.

Haaahhhh ! Cry mommy !

Nice quoting, lrn2 internet k?

Funny how you assume that I would be referring to you because I actually wasn't.

Never suggested it was me. I figured you were thinking 15 something and his half brother. two are really watering down the messaage to delusional Lions fans...