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I never thought this would happen to me, but I’m considering a divorce.

It’s been a long relationship and I have a lot invested in it. But I just can’t take it. I’m not happy. In fact, I can barely stand to be in the same room as the CFL anymore.

The league I used to love has changed so much I don’t recognize it. It started with the challenge flag. If a coach disagrees with certain types of rulings on the field, he can challenge them. Let’s say a pass is ruled incomplete but the coach thinks the ball was caught. He can challenge it. The play is examined by video review and a determination made if there’s enough evidence.

On paper, it’s a sensible thing to do. Referees are not perfect. A missed ruling can change the outcome of a game. Let’s build a safety net.

But at the same time, the league changed the rules to prevent low-scoring games. You can’t hit a quarterback low or high. You can’t touch a receiver beyond the first five yards of the line of scrimmage. This has led to the following absurdity which occurred in the last Roughriders game against Calgary: The Calgary receiver catches a 31-yard pass. The Rider coach thinks it’s incomplete. He challenges the call and wins; the pass wasn’t caught. Then the Stampeders coach throws his tantrum-challenge flag claiming that there was pass interference on the same play. Another review is launched while every beer in the stadium gets a little warmer and little more flat. The challenge is successful.

It’s become a league of time-outs, commercial breaks and TV close-ups of the head referee reporting the slowly-breaking news from the “Command Centre.?

The CFL’s challenge flag has done nothing to improve the officiating, which has to rank as the most incompetent of any professional sport. CFL refs are terrible. They’re not sure what a fumble is. They’re so flag-happy that a defender can be penalized for merely scaring a quarterback.

You’d think the ever-growing list of challengeable plays would eliminate human error and give CFL referees more time to, I don’t know, finally notice that three receivers are crossing the line of scrimmage five seconds before the ball is snapped ON EVERY PLAY.

But instead of CFL referee incompetence determining the game, you have coaches creating opportunities to draw penalties.

As noted by Roughriders coach Chris Jones this week, Calgary is really good at it. They set up plays where receivers do stop-and-go routes, colliding intentionally with the defender. This allows them to cry about pass interference, throw their stupid little challenge flags, stop the game in its tracks and gain a first down they didn’t earn the old fashioned way, which was through the means of athletic endeavour.

But the challenge thing and the wimpy, touch-football rules are really just the start of it. The turnover from year to year and even game to game is another deal breaker. I honestly can’t name a single player on Riders’ defence other than Willie (Offside) Jefferson. And forgive me but I will never, ever get over the numbskull exiling of Weston Dressler.

I guess I’ve fallen out of love with the CFL. As a kid, I used to listen to every blacked-out Rider game on the radio, visualizing The Little General throwing passes and the offensive line opening up gaping holes for George Reed. It’s been a lifelong commitment. But the thrill is gone and if the CFL doesn’t stop being so stupid, I’m going to throw myself into the arms of another league. Hello NFL, wanna go steady?

Good riddence.

Cry baby

But, we just met…

Go away, please.

Hopefully the Mods will help escort this troll off the premises.

The NFL is just as bad as constant coaches challenges and an over use of replays. NHL is getting bad too. It slows the pace of play in baseball as well and soccer is considering going down the same road. The grass isn't greener anywhere else.

I feel the frustration on pretty much everybody's part. But didn't almost everyone was saying after the Bombers-Als game that it a classic and the quality of play is the highest it's been in years?

The sun will rise tomorrow and it will be challenged and then rise the day after that.

...Dickenson outcoaches Jones and the crying begins...

I wish they'd do away with coaches ability to look for pass interference or illegal contact and instead have a coach challenge that there WASN'Tpass interference or illegal contact.

Back in 2010, i'd contend the league was at its most entertaining/ fastest pace, but every week there would be a phantom PI call that would ruin a game by gifting the offensive team points and would ruin an otherwise great, fast-paced game.

If we can go back to those days, but challenge those calls, i'd be a very happy viewer again.

Kevin, I suggest you missed the points in the article.

I probably won't change your attitude but because you don't like the message it should be eliminated?
That's not going to end well. Would you offer me the same right to demand your nasty attitude be walked out? I'd hope you stay and then offer up some intelligent rebuttal.

The article is from The Saskatoon Post and the points I agree with. Its written using a style commonly known as "cynicism".

The away from the play challenges create a game outside the game. Its suggested Dave Dick designs plays to create those away from the failed play "plan B's". The suggestion is made by a guy who has won a Grey Cup. I agree, that shouldn't continue, its hurting the great game we all enjoy.

The use of the challenges is also becoming manipulative. Last night Wally challenged there was PI on a play his receiver caught! Came up short on the catch, but a challenge ruling of PI gives a first down. That's taking a flaw in the rules to a bizarre conclusion. Pass interference on a caught ball?? C'mon.

Anyway, Kevin, its a comment board, try and play well with others and when you feel the anger welling up, remember, one day your team will win a few. Its going to be OK.

Yes he did and always seems to. Not sure the article I quoted was on that point.

The point is, the use of challenges away from the ball, plays perhaps designed to create challenges as a "Plan B" when the play itself fails, and manipulation through challenges (Wally's PI challenge on a caught ball) for some of us are slowing down and stinking up this great game.

So, my friend, are you OK with the amount and use of challenges we just watched?
As a Stamps fan are you proud of how Dave Dick is using the flag? Could you see how others might find it a bit annoying?

Good f riddance. Hey, if you want to provide constructive criticism, great, that's more than welcome as a true CFL fan but buddy, us true CFL fans don't even want your wimpy sorts. Get lost, quick troller. Go someplace else and never come back here, please. What's your name? Wumper? You really need to go to some sports site that encourages names like "Wumper" :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: Even if it's the Blue Jays. :smiley:

I'm very glad you've grown out of any love for the CFL. Nice and this makes my day. :rockin: Now go home, please., and make a nice dinner for your Mama. I hope she loves you and I'm sure she does. :lol:

...Dickenson outcoaches Jones and the crying begins...
I see one poster, and no rider fan agreeing. :roll:

Wumper is NOT a troll. He's an inveterate CFL fan but he's obviously dismayed at the choppy presentation we're currently subjected to.

Bit against the grain, but so what!

World without critics is like a New York Chinese restaurant with Donald J. Trump as its top bus-boy!

Wumper is NOT a troll. He's an inveterate CFL fan but he's obviously dismayed at the choppy presentation we're currently subjected to.

Bit against the grain, but so what!

World without critics is like a New York Chinese restaurant with Donald J. Trump as its top bus-boy!

Mark you calendar - I actually agree with you ( not the content of his post though ). A singular person is just that - a singular poster and not indicative of a teams fan base. People can agree or disagree -

Where oh where is Turkeybend?

...h-e-doublehockeysticks's an abomination of the game and is spoiling the entertainment experience therein...

....h-e-doublehockeysticks's a loophole in the system, a glitch in the programming, someone left the candy store unattended and the fat kid walked in...if Dave is not using every means possible short of cheating to win a game then Dave is not doing his job as far as I am concerned...if Wally used the glitch in the system last night to gain a first down instead of a completed pass short of a first down then great for Wally, that's actually pretty damned brilliant if you ask know what counts Wumper? wins, that's it, and if you don't think so ask a Ticat fan for their opinion...

...sure it's annoying (see answer a above)....but if you're asking me if I care if fans of other teams are po'd my coach found and is exploiting a loophole in the system, then, the answer is no, i don't care one bit their feelings are hurt, just like they wouldn't care if mine were hurt...

You can't blame a coach for finding loopholes.Its their job to do so.Now the loop holes need to be closed.The reffing is definatly inconsistent and the calls from the replay booth have been questionable at times.It is effecting the flow of the game.I just rewatched the 84 Grey Cup(Yes,a desperate Bomber fan) and it is really nice to watch without all the delays.I also think the refs called the game differently when there was no review.The league needs to find a balance between getting calls right by having reviews and the kind of stuff that has been going on this year.That being said I'll never quit watching the CFL bad calls or not.

I understand you are a Hamilton fan so I can certainly appreciate all the anger. I was hoping your team would score a second point last night, thought that might help you.

The article I quoted was a SaskPost football reporter using cynicism to hopefully get the attention of the league to change/stop the yellow flag disease we are almost all unhappy with.
Your need to turn that into an attack on my handle (I'd explain it but you would not get it) is understood. You are a long suffering Ticat fan. I'd suggest you go kick the cat but that would be mean. As for my mama, if she was still alive she'd kick the living shyte out of you.
So, now that we've both shot off our big mouths, you enjoying the yellow flag disease? Any comments? A few laughing symbols? Anything?
If you need to tee off on me again, I'm OK with that. If my team just struggled, and failed, to score two points I'd be a jerk too.

How about takinG another look at the knew. Canadian football game, I think it is a no lose situation commish. Young people love to play those games >???

[b]Wumper wrote[/b]: If you need to tee off on me again,
Hey, sorry, I think I went a tad too far with that post of mine to tell you the truth. :-[