Message to scoreboard crew...


By showing the Nate Curry TD right away it gave Berry a chance to review it. They should wait until well after the convert to show these replays considering we should have HOME FIELD ADVANTAGE.

If you go to Toronto and Hamilton makes a play worth challenging you WILL NOT see that replay on the screen at all. This has to be the same at Ivor Wynne, im assuming there isnt anyone with serious football background up there and this has to change.

Show the replays if it can benefit the Cats, dont show them if it could hurt.

I don't agree.

Don't show either, or show them both. I don't care what the Argos do, you have to have some class as an organization.

Besides, the coaches on each team should have their guys on headset up in the press box for that kind of thing. I don't personally think the sole reason Berry tossed out the challenge flag was because of glancing at a replay on the scoreboard. I'm sure he had someone upstairs that said it was worth a review.

I understand what you're saying, but I don't think any organization should consciously only show the replay if it benefits the home team.

There has to be home field advantage and the home town team should do whatever it takes to win within the rules of the game.
If this means manipulating the video playback on the big screen then so be it. The videotron belongs to the home team and they can play whatever action they want on it and if it doesn't help the visitors then too bad.
The only thing that the home team needs to beat is the visiting team on the field. The visiting team has to beat the home team, the fans, the cheerleaders, the video crew etc. etc. etc. The same thing happens to the Ticats when they are on the road.
I do not believe that Doug Berry based his challenge solely on what he saw on the scoreboard however the replay could rile up the team and coaching staff and influence any decision the coach makes.
Every successful team in professional sports takes advantage of all the tools they have and I don't think that this shows a lack of class, actually just the opposite. Classy teams are usually intelligent teams and they not only know how to win they know how to make the other team lose.
Being too kind and overly fair doesn't garner any respect from your opponent and if your opponents do not respect you then you have little class.

Sometimes the TV replays are too late, and upon watching the game on tape when i got home, TSN had gone to commercial and did not show the TD again until after the convert, by the time they actually did show it the ref was already under the hood meaning Berry had nowhere else to see the video than on our screen.

It's a good point, but it works both ways.

From where I was sitting, it sure looked like Taaffe threw the challenge flag on the fumble that was overturned only adfter seeing it replayed on the scoreboard. That successful challenge was a game changer.

Shhhhh..... we don't want another protest that the scoreboard gurus were really pushing Charlie to look at that knee on the ground, do we?

I'm with you section8. I think it was the scoreboard and not the spotters that got the flag out. I had no sense that a spotter was talking into his headset.

Sometimes I think coaches make a challenge just for dramatic effect but with Charlie I feel he sometimes has no idea whether he can challenge or not. He's so busy fixing the offence and talking to Jason he just hasn't figured it out yet.

The scoreboard had us giving up a single before half time, and took about five minutes to be corrected. Careful with the scoring too guys.

From where I was sitting, it sure looked like Taaffe threw the challenge flag on the fumble that was overturned only adfter seeing it replayed on the scoreboard. That successful challenge was a game changer.
That's the point.

It's called home field advantage. Show calls that would go in our favour, not against.

Winnipeg does stuff like this all the time, not just the Argos. Remember the blaring of music when we were on offence, stopping only at the snap??? The league had to put a stop to it or I'm sure they'd still be doing it.

Exactly... it really isnt a big deal, just wait the extra 60 seconds before showing the replay and take the board out of the game ...... for the opposing team :slight_smile:

I think they should have a system (in the NFL and CFL) that has the challenge flag attached with a clip (or something) and when the coach pulls it off to throw it...a pager or buzzer that the head Ref is wearing goes off. That way there is never a question of when the flag was thrown.

I gotta agree with “crash” on this one! :thup:

And another “learning curve” to be improved, is to keep the scoreboard “CORRECT”! My Ga’wd seems every second play the “down” and the “ball on” was wrong! :roll:

Just a request for the crew to update the scoreboard a lil quicker. I found the east end scoreboard was really slow in being updated.....and by this I mean it was almost a play behind. Other than that great game!

i also wish we would not try starting the wave when we are on offence.

If this is the case, Curry did make a legal catch so ultimately Berry's decision to throw the challenge flag solely on a quick glance at our video replay was the wrong one. I also understand that sometimes it's worth a challenge on a close play, even if you aren't 100% sure. Everyone in the stadium knew that was a close play.

All I'm saying is that you should rely on your assistant coaches upstairs, not the visiting or home team's video board.

Regardless, you shouldn't hire someone to sit up there and decide what replays to show to benefit the home team.

If you want to talk about home field advantage, how about a PVR in our coaches box at Ivor Wynne? Who knows, maybe they already have one or something like it up there.

I think it has to be the same for both teams. Perhaps you don't show a replay for either side for an extra 60 seconds.

Maybe I'm old school, but why would you want to win like this? (Not that I think showing a replay would make a difference 99% of the time anyways, but there are times when it could.)

The CFL should have some rules and regulations when it comes to this.