Message to Matty Dunigan, do you watch footbal? Seriously?

Okay, did anyone else see the pregame show?

Each analyst had to say who they gave their turkeys to and Matty (as Randorf so affectionately calls hims) gave his turkey to 4 of the 8 kickers. Serna, Setta, Vanderjagt and some one else who I can't remember.

I was so blown away that he even mentioned Setta.

Setta did have a few problems early in the season but he's been really good lately. The problem that Matty needs to understand is that the reason why Setta was so good last year was because he had so many chances. This year, we are actually ending drives with TDs and not FGs.

Don't even get me started about the best punter in the league.

I find this a very backhanded comment with no research or preparation done.

Very surprising comment considering Setta has been excellent lately while Duval, whom Dunigan praised, has been in a slump for the past six weeks.

And people suggest him as a coaching candidate???

That pantload Jock Climie is even more negative about the Tiger Cats than Dunigan is.

Maybe we rejected him years ago when his mediocre career was coming to an end.

In the pregame of the Thanksgiving game, I thought Jock had lots of positive things to say about the Cats. Certainly more than usual for him...

The reality is that the panel called the outcome of the game correctly (although I had hoped otherwise).

I think Matt's comments regarding Setta stem from the fact that Nick has not been as consistent as he was last year but can that be attributed to the holder?

over the past few seasons what exactly positve can anyone really say about this team. i agree setta hasnt been as good as last year and what i think they were getting at is he is not what they were expecting him to be and needs to step it up

Until the Cats prove otherwise, there is no reason for the media not to be negative about them. They've been abysmal over the past six seasons, and there is no end in sight.

In my opinion I think mat dunigan is an idiot. he cannt cook, and he doesnt know football.
i think he he is anti tiger cats, and always has been. I dont like the way he talks about the cats and
dont think theres a need for someone to sit and cut a team down like he does the cats.

IMO, what I think of your opinion of Matt is so unprintable, a single post would get me banned from every site I post on.

Oh please. Few know the CFL game as well as HOF QB Dunigan. He (and his fellow panellists) are negative about the Cats because they lose far more than they win. In fact, I think they're pretty soft on the Cats. Look over their recent record and tell me that this is anywhere acceptable for a pro football team. If he wasn't critical, I'd think he was blind or crazy. After you say they're better than last year and they show flashes of potential, what else can you say? The real idiots are on Bob Young's payroll and that's where you should direct your anger.

As for his BBQing, he could be the tailgate chef for me anytime.

An Argo-Cat fan

8) Truer words were never spoken !!!!! :wink:
8) Thank God that he knows a little more about football than you obviously do !!!!
   He might know a few other things also, that just might surprise you  !!!!           <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->