message to dude who keeps singing "Sweet Caroline"


Where not sure why you keep singing that song @ half time but stop it!

You are starting to piss us SS Upper Deck members off and you don't want that to happen.

And a little advice. Don't come into our stands either. It's not going to be good for you.

ya..didn't notice him at halftime, was waiting in line for the boys room. but he sang during the 4th qtr and didn't face the south side, but we still booed him anyways. :lol:

I sit on the North Side & you can’t even hear that Jacka$$ over the Boo’s

Our friend's name is Jonathan T. Henry... and I guess he is some big recording artist.

I googled him... can't find anything on him...

My guess is he sings karaoke at the Gliberman's Mount Bohemia ski resort. I guess the resort is quite and now they want him entertaining us...

Perhaps someone should tell him that he is not entertaining.

Not entertaining? I laughed so hard booing the s*** out of that guy. It was one of the highlights of the game.

The more I think about it the more I'm thinking the Glieberman's are doing this to get the crowd into the game...

maybe there trying to gete the crowd into the game but sersiusly u need some good bands rock bands with insturments i hate these singers that come without a band get a local rock band to perform

The guy has gotta go! The lack of entertainment is a big disappointment. As for hard rock, a good mix would be appropriate, some hip hop, some rock, some easy listening. Remember, there is a big mix of ages and music tastes at the game. But, there have to be better alternatives than this has-been...
Even the standard marching band would be better...

I hear that chick is pretty good behind the beaverlodge... They should hook her and her guitarist into the PA and walk out on the field for a couple of quickies... that would work...

Then she can drum up some business for after the game... I normally head back to Mexies for a cold one after the game.

While I understand your point in terms of the quality of his singing, I actually feel that this act is pure brilliance on the part of Lonnie. Everyone loves to hate that guy. The fans get all worked up booing him and all the people around me were laughing and enjoying themselves as they booed. If anything, they should bring him out more often and expand his role, working the fans into a viscious and spiteful frenzy. It gets people more involved. Two 65 year old men sitting near me, who rarely stood up to cheer during the game, were on their feet and booing ‘Jonathon T’ with big smiles on their faces.

The Gades should print up ‘I hate Jonathon T Henry’ (or whatever his name is) shirts and get him to play it up like a wrestling act, pretending that he thinks everyone loves him. He can refer to the south side as his fanclub, which would infuriate them.

I’m laughing just picturing it.

I thought of that angle KoreyBanksMVP....not bad, but how long could it last? Awe ya never know eh!

That's the easy part. When people are silent, he's done. As long as they cheer or boo, then people are still into it :slight_smile: