Message to CFL members


Which radio station were you on (980 CJME)?


My sources tell me...WKRP in Cincinatti! :roll: :roll: :roll:

why dont you post it before it happens??? mmmmmmmmmm???

If McMoron really wants to be like Vince, here's an opinion for ya...

"There's no chance in hell" he will ever be proven to be a credible source of information in the regular poster's perception.

"And of course, if he's not down with that, we've got two words for him..." :lol:

McMahon, do you really believe any of the drivel you have been posting here?? You post it, you don't stay to debate the topic, most times you dont post a link to back up your claim, and you are now the self-appointed most valuable member of this forum?? Really, time to lay off the valium and viagra and come back to reality. Im not sure who the most valuable member of this forum is , but I definitely know that it is NOT you!!

That has to be one of the most ridiculous claims of all time: "most valuable member"?!? sarcasm Everyone knows that the "most valuable member" on here is KK. /sarcasm But to lay off the valium and viagra, I don't see that happening anytime soon because there's one thing about this BS artist that ought to be public knowledge (and this ties in to the whole Vince analogy)...

"McMahon loves Pat Woodc*ck"


Do you still work for CJOB (radio station in Manitoba)?

yeah, that's MY title! :lol:

See, even Mongo, who hates my guts, says so though sarcasiticly.

I bet I know what Radio Mac is on! 1234 ****head Radio! or Chatterbox.

I don't know why you guys bother asking him questions, he'll never answer because he'd have to admit to being an idiot if he did. We all know he's not a member of CFL brass, or he really would be admin on the site, and he surely wouldn't be scared to answer questions, or tell us who he is, where he's from, or where we can hear his "guests" spots on the radio. He's just another warner, a guy who likes to stir up the pot.. but instead of doing it with relentless bashing of everything and everyone, he does it by lying about important stories and pretending he's someone we should be really impressed by - knowing all the while that we're all going to get our underwear in a bunch because we take this stuff seriously.

Man, this thread is hilarious.

I am sure that knucklehead is hooked on open lines radioshows, and that's what he calls behing a guest on radio.

Most valuable member... What a condescending self-absorbed egomaniac.

There is no such thing as a "most valuable member" in a forum. For a forum to work it has to take the input of all it's members. It has to take all of it's members to discuss and debate the topics, not just some guy posting news threads.

.....maybe by calling himslef the 'most valuable member' of the forum McMahon is giving us a clue to his identity.....perhaps he meant it literally, because he is David Asper, Billionaire.....the manitoba IP address would back that up...

But I thought Asper was done with the league after his butt got hungry and munched on his panties during that "in the stands tirade" that lead to him getting tossed from a Bombers home game last season.

I actually don't know who this McMahon guy is but just by reading some of his info,and think he's the only gut out here who has info on the CFL is just stupid,Tillman news is not that big of a news scoop,Most Rider fans won't get to excited with this move,I don't recall Tillman making big strides as a CFL GM in his what,3 or 4 year career!! I guess it helps to work for one of the two main networks that cover the league I guess? There's no big proven record of Tillman's to make me believe he's the Riders' savour.The dimissal of Shivers should've been done at the end of the season or the start.I'd say Danny & Roy have had enough time to build a winner!! Skid them both ,Sorry Danny

.....Tillman does have 2 Grey Cups, which equals the number by the Riders in.....oh.....what is it.....a hundred years???

You'll never make MVM with an atttitude like that.

I'm still trying to get over being referred to as a "member."

I think its because the egomaniac alleges to be one of the higher ups with the league; hence, why he claims to get all of this insider info which some can easily be referenced (something he never does) by previously-released news articles. Then there's that whole "Admin imposter" incident, but that's a thread of a different annoyance.