Message to CFL members

I'm sorrry I don't understand why many of you feel you have to trash me? I don't find it appropriate. I am your most valuable member as well a member of the CFL family.

I do understand that many don't understand or how I can be affiliate with the CFL and why I would want to deliver news to you the members.

Understand that I have hundreds of people who look for my news, as I am also guests on radio shows, and make appearance on programming shows throughout the country discussing CFL news.

At this time, I think it would best if you stop the ruffling discussions and stick with the news I give you, the CFL fans!

Thank you


"I am your most valuable member"

Wow....if that isn't conceit, I don't know what is.....

When are those sourses of yours going to tell you that we dont care?

"I am also guests on radio shows"

And bright too.

C'mon McMahon, we's just having a yuck

MVM?!? How'd you get that? I didn't vote for you. I didn't even know such an honour existed.

You have yet to show how you are our most valauble member. Most of your "breaking news" can be found on-line and others are untrue. You also do not reply to your posts after you have started your topics (some of which already exist). I have merged your posts with other existing topics many times.

Our most valuable posters are the ones who contribute to this forum and deliver their opinions based on facts and sound and logical reasoning.

But if you are affiliated with the CFL, why don't you tell us who you are and tell us how you achieve your inside scoops.

Add to that the fact that in the real world if you were affiliated with the CFL you would have been canned long ago for releasing information!!!!!!! guess on why you are getting bashed is that half your BREAKING NEWS stories have been told elsewhere prior to your release and the other half have very little to absolutely no your credibility is suspect.....

.......oops, sorry roughy, just echo'ed what you'd said...

......and if you were truly and officially affiliated with the CFL the MRX admin's would not consider you a person-of-interest (which they currently do) could have whipped out your virtual Affiliate Badge and they would have said sorry for bugging one of their clients.....

That did not stop him from pretending to be the Admin of the site and threaten people with banning!!!!!

..yeah, that was pretty funny too..... you can see McMahon, there is much that puts your credibility to suffer......if you came here to deleiver some news and then stuck around to discuss it that would be different...but to pass yourself off as some important high-ranking cog in the CFL machine is both laughable and disturbing....

Especially when most of the stuff you scoop can be found somewhere on the internet. Take the Shivers story and the Jon Ryan story for example, both of your inside scoops were found by other people quicker and both had links to that information.

yet, that could answer why he doesnt tell us who he is.

except he did a quick about face when confronted

I still say his sources and or links are related to the number of trucks leaving the ranch..... :wink:

pick-up or delivery?

You want a challenge McMahon: Before anyone gets to it, tell us who the new GM of the Riders is going to be.

vince is still miffed because we didnt sell the league to him.

I don't need to listen to amateurs. I was just on a radio show for 5 minutes. did you hear it?

For those who did, you heard the CFL forum prop?

Nice huh!