Message to Caretaker

now that's entertainment ?!$

My buddy from work keeps asking me to take him to a ticat game as hes never watched the cfl before but I couldnt possibly subject him to that garbage on field product let alone pay for it.

I have lived in Alberta for 24 years. I had not missed one of the Ti-Cat games in Calgary or Edmonton for the past 23 years. This year, I had a conflict on the day of the game in Calgary and could not make the 3 hour drive and go to the game. So glad I didn't. I live a 15 minute drive to Commonwealth Stadium. After the debacle in Calgary I just could not bring myself to put out any money to watch my beloved Tiger-Cats play here.

Money talks…

My wife and I haven't missed a game since becoming STHs for the first season at THF. We were given 4 tickets from another STH for last night's game, for free, and asked to find someone to fill those seats...we quite literally couldn't give them away...of the 4 people I thought would take them, the response was "aren't they 0-6?" from pretty much everyone. Finally found a couple that had nothing better to do on a Saturday night...this was their first experience of the Ticats...and probably their last...

I take pride in being a Ticat fan. I buy the gear, wear it proudly and actually buy food from the concessions...but something needs to be done.

You want to motivate players to improve. Start benching starters who don't perform. Give Masoli a start and see what happens (I have faith in Collaros, but he needs to pull up his socks and get his head straight). Bench Banks and see who picks up the slack. Make these guys compete for their jobs just like anyone else has to. Make Austin choose 1 role to fill. If he wants to be HC...then that's all the responsibility he will have. Wearing more than 1 hat is dangerous and we're seeing the downside of that.

Austin needs to move upstairs , take the high road and a pay cut , hire a interim coach, and let him coach........Austins way or the highway has grown old .
If he cares about the health of this organization which includes his players and fans and owner, he will take the high road and go to Bob and Scott and tell them he is removing himself from all the hats he now wears for the betterment of all concerned including himself .......BUT will his ego and greed and dictator like style allow him to do such a thing? I am betting not and the downward spiral will continue till there is no-one sitting in the stands this year and very few left to renew season seats for next year.

Well said, Mr. Pike. The Austin regime is coming to an end. I don’t know where he will end up (maybe off the field as the V.P. of Football Operations, for which he is being well paid) but he can’t possibly be the head coach to start the season next year. As for possible replacements (and I’m not his greatest fan) but I believe that Paul LaPolice deserves another shot as a head coach in this league once again. He’s a friend of Austin’s who has worked in the past with him. At least LaPolice believes in running a balanced running and passing offence.

My message to Caretaker,
Things don't look good right now, but, please don't give up on our team.
I know you are not one to give up when the chips are down and it is greatly appreciated.
One day there will be a championship.
You do deserve better.

Kinda know what you’re going thru - the amount of repulsive/repugnant seasons the bombers have had since their halcyon years of the 50s & 60s is quite startling - no Grey Cup since 1990 - 27 years and counting!
But you trudge on regardless of the lip service Caretaker and his mgmt. group spews to the serious and not so serious f-ball fans. They won’t heed any public outcries until the attendance falls under a certain level (probably 19,000 in Hamilton) and season tickets drop 15 to 20%, concessions redact by 20 to 30% and merchandise sales don’t hit the mark. At that point they’ll accuse fans of “not supporting the team” when the truth is the ownership and well compensated management group never listen to fans to begin with.
Congratulations on being a stern (but disappointed) CFL fan.
Winnipeg beat a sad sack CFL team last night. The bombers now think they’re hired guns and gonna put a stop to Calgary, BC & Edmonton. Frankly, I like the attitude. The reality on the other hand says Winnipeg is still a few players short of Final 4 status - and certainly a few brain cells short in the coaching dept.

Lapo? Yikes.
He can’t even count to 12…

Pope: while I agree somewhat about Austin… it’s VP Austin that’s dropping the ball. Do you think this group of players would be doing any better under a different head coach?

I know you weren’t asking me, but I do think this group of players would do better under a different head coach with different systems. And to do this right, all the other coaches would likely be gone too, in order to allow a new HC to bring in his own people.
I really think that although he would never admit it in public, Zach is tired of having no time to throw & Austin is clearly not doing enough to fix that. If there wasn’t “tension” before, I bet there is now.

Does anyone else think that maybe, just maybe, June Jones was brought in as a potential replacement for HC Austin?

I thought this when they brought him in but im not sure im in favour

My initial thought as well, with the transition happening gradually over the rest of the season and made official in December.

I agree with that completely.

Maybe when the ticket sales get even worse than they are now and some people start loosing money because they can not get people in the seats maybe just maybe that will make some changes happen. I had 2 extra tickets this past Saturday, I stood out on Cannon till after the anthem and Could not even give them away. People can sit at home for a lot cheaper to watch a dismal performance and frankly not exciting football game.

Except for the people who opted to “pre-pay” and have no other options.

Oskie: Austin hired June Jones!
Regardless…if the offence noticeably improves when Jones takes over the play calling this week, what does that say about Austin? If I was Scott Mitchell it would say to me Austin is not capable of doing the job. If that’s the case why does he have so much control over the team and why should he continue as HC and VP Football Operations?
A couple of big “ifs” there but given our terrible record since the start of last season, surely those questions now need to be raised.