Message to Bob Young and Co.

As father to a beautiful 1 yr old little girl and married to a great woman. I can no longer support this team with my hard earned money. I can support losing seasons, but I can not support a team that hires a man who did his part to cover for as many as 38 rapes during his tenure at Baylor. This sends a strong message to me as father that this team values football over the lives of many young women that were surely ruined and the part he played to ensure his players weren't punished. All the respect I had as a fan for this organization for the past 32 years is gone. As a league that has high values for violence against women this hire is a disgrace and embarrassment.

All parties who played a part in this hire should be demanded to step down ASAP as their values and ethics are clearly not in line with today's world

Stop supporting because the Ticats hire a coach publicly accused of misconduct (not charged), but you were a loyal fan while the Ticats employ (and continue to employ) a convicted man in Eric Tillman with his admission of sexual relations with a minor ??

Is there a statue some where that you feel the need to tear down? I believe this man and players and the young ladies involved have suffered enough and will continue to suffer if people can not learn how to forgive. Move on. Everybody has dirty laundry.

This is a league that is looking for young people and families to attend their games. Yet, they willingly hire someone who had no regard for someone else's daughter.

Sorry, but as a father of a daughter, I cannot and will not bring my family to support such an organization.

People who live in glass houses should't throw stones. Carry on.

Sorry this isn't just a 1 time mistake Briles made. It's 38 women and up to 60 times of rape. There was also a gang rape in there as well he covered for. This is a gross human being that put his football program and the value of winning before the lives of many young women.


Ask your wife or girlfriend what they think.....

Ask a woman at work, someone with a daughter...a neighbour....

Not likely they will share your cavalier attitude.

The haters keep on hating oh perfect one.

I am a long time TiCat supporter and ticket holder (4 seats) ...

On Labour Day I will be wearing RED in honour of Canada ... the Black & Gold stays in the closet for now.

Some have talked of boycotting the game - but I believe we need to be in our seats to support our Cats - the boys playing the game - but THF needs to show the country we are upset by the actions of today - PLEASE CONSIDER TO WEAR A RED SHIRT ON LABOUR DAY!

Let TiCat Brass know that we are embarrassed.

Will they dare try to pass the HAMILTON PROUD Flag through the crowd?
I know I would have an issue passing that message on at this moment - so disappointed.

By the way - to Barry's Jewellers - Kudos!!!!!

Ticatsproud4ever, I disagree with your sentiment, but think no less of you because of it. It’s passionate and seems to come from a good place. cheers

From Wikipedia:

Tillman pleaded guilty to the charge on January 4, 2010, the day his trial on this summary offence was to begin.[16] He was granted an absolute discharge the following day...Judge Murray Hinds stated that Tillman was "genuinely remorseful [and] in this case there's no suggestion that Mr. Tillman is not generally of good character. He has no prior criminal record. His behaviour towards [the teenage girl] on Aug. 6 appears to be an aberration fuelled by his consumption of two non-prescription drugs."

Key things to take away from this. He plead guilty...which is an admission of guilt and showed remorse.He admittedto what he did, and was willing to accept the consequences.While I didn't know the exact nature of the case, aquickGoogle search provided somedetails, and I would agree that Tillman deserved a second chance. I'm not defending his actions, I'm just pointing out that he showed his true character by admission.

If Briles wants to admit to knowing what was going on, accept the consequences of his actions, maybe in the future heshould be givenan opportunity. But until someone actually admits to theirmistakes, they should not be given a second chance.

I can only say this, Garth Buchko, Joe Mack, Paul LaPolice and Tim Burke all got fired for far less then what Scott Mitchell, Eric Tillman and Kent Austin have done/failed to do over their tenure.

Saying you are constantly evaluating your personnel during massive failures is meaningless if demotions and cuts never follow.

Hammer, I understand and agree with what you are saying, however, demotions and cuts generally mean that people are leaving your organization, and in the CFL, soon surfacing as a competitor in another. Then we have to abide the whining and hand-wringing of "why did we let 'X' go when he is so good with that team?" on these forums.

Firings are always messy and, it seems in sports, often come back to bite you. If we want wholesale changes in management and players, we are going to have be prepared for the backlash. We don't get to play it both ways.


I gotta give the guy credit! He really handled it well.

He took the hard questions and never flinched.

Now, lets move on.

Right now I am really surprised how Scott Mitchell still has a job his statements were disgraceful. Between his statements yesterday and today how he hasn't been relieved of his duties is beyond me. After yesterdays events he should have been fired immediately

If by move on you mean move on without him I agree. Too little too late. This was just an attempt to save face his true feelings were heard yesterday.

Mitchell has to be fired

Agreed, but it wont happen, they will just move on to the next target and demand he be fired too. They feel empowered now to dictate to the organization what move must be made next.
They got their way, he is gone, but it wont stop there.

I respectfully disagree and suggest you obviously have not watched the presser.

He was straightforward and sincere. I get it!

Besides, what part of "we don't have all the facts" did you not comprehend?

And before you chastise me...I have 5 daughters, all grown/ married with children.

I care...I understand...I'm just not about to make a lot of statements based on social media reports.

I found Jones' reaction interesting. He said last night was an emotional time for him, he doesn't want to comment any further because his opinion would be meaningless after the organization made its decision. That sure sounds like he strongly disagrees with the decision. If that's his take, it doesn't sound like he is too likely to return next season.

I wonder who our next coach will be. With all this turmoil, I wonder who the GM will be, or who will be above that person. This season was shaping up pretty bad already, now the organization is in disarray. I can't imagine Bob Young ever imagined he would be faced with this sort of fiasco. What a mess.

More fun thinking about who my favourite players of the past were, that's for sure.