.....Please Doug....and i don't care how this one turns out...GET A PUNT RETURNER.....GET A DB. WHO CAN KNOCK DOWN A BLOODY PASS....I smell a trade in the works or a total changing of the guard on this team....cuz the first half of this T.O game wreaks..,., :thdn:

yup totally agree :slight_smile: brutal game so far for them, Dinwiddie is not the answer to there problems, i've said it before.

Everybody on a football team has their assigned task, including Doug Berry. Filling the holes in the secondary is a job for GM Brendan Taman and Defensive Coordinator Greg Marshall.

It's Marshall who must make the case to Taman what he lacks, & then Taman must crunch numbers and make phone calls to get DB's, & I agree, we need a couple of good DB's.

Anthony Calvillo took Greg Marshall and the Bombers' secondary to school, and showed the entire CFL the holes that need filling.

That being said, I thought the secondary held up its end against Calgary. Let's not forget that spiderman-like interception by Kelly Malveaux late in the game that enabled the Bombers to score enough points to squeak out a win - spidey was proud :rockin:. Pregame, I predicted Burris and Company would score 40 points--they didn't.

I'm a believer that as a Def. Coordinator, you cover the corners and the line of scrimmage first. Finding DB's is "secondary."

..After the T.O. game,Berry says he'd like to 'flush' the first third of the season ....I agree with him...but i'd also like to flush some deadwood on the club who are not performing ... :thdn:

This was an outright disgrace. I'm just so disappointed right now. The defense showed up though, I loved how Canada played. . . again.

defence showed up offence was not good, where's Roberts? somewhat better but not a factor, Glenn plays next game, put Reid in roberts spot, put him on punt returns

It's the OC, and Berry can't protect his buddy anymore, the truth is out about this guy, he's a complete failure.

Guess we'll find out soon enough if Berry is prepared to lose his job for this guy.

Taking the OC out on an 8ball is probably best considering the awful production on offense. But during the season????

....the season may be a right-off anyway??IF we have any chance ,a radical change in coaching has to take place...Anyone seeing this team disintegrate before their very eyes will be hard-pressed to come up with any other solution...example if anyone remembers the called pass on short yardage for first down, to Bryant that failed ,when Charlie could have easily ran the bloody thing...crap-call but just one of many... :thdn: the days of Daley are 1....drop 5.... :oops:

Bombers' problems are certainly on the offensive side of things. As I said in another thread, it was a shame to waste a good performance by the defence; not one offensive touchdown allowed. Any time you do that you should win the game.

Cam Hall is a beast!

But that offence.............geez. Personnel or scheme? Probably a bit of both.

Some have suggested bringing in Khari Jones as coach....way too soon, but you might want to look at him as an offensive coordinator....can't do worse, can he?

.....something has to change....and as for changing player's a little like moving the chairs around on the Titanic...Khari is a good football man...but i think he's employed elsewhere at the moment... :roll:

Just look at the link I posted about Cartwrights time at Butler U.

The accusations against him and the problems with the Bomber offense are mirror images.

He doesn't know how to use the talent he has on offense.

Gawd, I feel awful after that loss.

Did you hear Berry at the start of the second half? He said we needed to keep running the ball. So does he throw Fred Reid into the mix to give Blink and the o-line some help?--HELL NO!

Week after week, Berry and Cartwright put paper bags on their heads and try to walk through brick walls.

Both of them are clods that do not have the intelligence or the skill to effectively use the players at their disposal. It's Reinbold and PaoPao all over again :oops: :oops: