Message to Berry

...the special teams STINK...when are you gonna wake up... ... the secondary is very suspect.....bring in someone who can actually defend against a pass. ... good game by the rest of the team....but the secondary and special teams are costing this team BIG TIME... :thdn:

i think theres a betting scandal here, obvious push off by dominguez costed the bombers the game....

Cry about it milt-for-life. Armstrong did the exact same thing on his touchdown. It was a good game that could have went either way, and if you want to blame anybody for the Bomber loss, why don't you try blaming the defence for allowing the last minute drive.

Each team had a few calls go their ways...

Can't blame the refs for this one, although the Dominguez push off was text book.

Paps is right, the special teams are a joke, when we have to start from our 10 yard line all game, while the other team is out at mid-field. Beyond a joke, Berry needs to show some ballz and make major changes now. The secondary is being let down by a couple week links and a lack of cohesiveness, they need a play maker in there, by NFL cut, or trade, it must happen. Hall and McKinnly at LB is frightful, no contain and neither can cover for any lenght of time or tackle, again an NFL cut or trade is needed.

Other than that, no complaints.

Stop the press: the push off by Dominguez Please, we hurt our selfs this time, so we made a few bad choices lets all have a cold one and get on with it. We win some we lose some,lets see what happens next week in the Banjo Bowl. Let us bomber fans just chalk this one up to getting beat by a better team this time. We will get them the next time.

At first I was mad about the Dominguez push off but that didn't cost the Bombers the game. Both teams played great, and it could have gone either way. The defence just cracked a little at the end.

Regarding special teams: I wonder why Albert Johnson doesn't take more heat. You can blame it on the blocking but the bottom line is he usually can't even beat the first guy. And he seems to like running into crowds of defenders. Berry should switch it up and try someone new in there.

I think the Dominguez push off was offset by the Roberst pick, both resulted in touchdowns.

Overall a very good game by both teams, 8 lead changes, down to the wire.

It's been a while since we've had a real quality labour day game that actually lives up to the classic billing it gets, im just glad I was there to see it :slight_smile:

I think Papa's point was special teams, don't know were the PI calls came in.
I didn't see AJ have any big creases to hit,and in my memory the Riders are pretty good in this area.
The initial wedge doesn't form to any consistent patern, I don't ever remember any real crushing blocks and when AJ does seem to hit a hole there's noone going with him to be a personal protector.
It's a major priority and HAS to be addressed.'re absolutely right billy....special teams have cost us field position time after time after time....i said it before ....we start at the 25 ...the opposition starts at the 50...or there abouts...might as well spot the other team a td or fg. ...then we get way to start a game...this weakness is going to start eating at the rest of the team who are playing excellent ball (except the porous secondary)...I have not seen very many decent contains on the oppositions punt returns all year.....isn't there anyone on the Bombers willing to lay a good lick on these returners....did we forget how....I think we have to question Cory McDiarmid as special teams guy....if he thinks AJ 'sure handing' the ball...and then dropping after 5 yds. is getting it done ...WRONG....That along with poor blocking on our returns is a laugher....on one play we even got a penalty for an illegal block after our thrilling 5 yd. return....that's bullcrap....Give Glenn the bloody decent field position he deserves and watch this team blow someone away.....until then we will have to be content to scrape by with a come from behind win....tie or or a 1 point victory...Lets get this thing straightend around...this team is too good in a lot of other depts. to have this going on.....solution....MAYBE....TRADE....NFL CUT or fire the special teams guy and bring in someone who knows what the hell they're doing or 'all three'...
signed FED-UP..

Lets get this thing straightend around...this team is too good in a lot of other depts. to have this going on.....solution....MAYBE....TRADE....NFL CUT or fire the special teams guy and bring in someone who knows what the hell they're doing or 'all three'...
signed FED-UP..

papazoola you said a mouth full
you are soo right, that our sepcial teams have cost us big time.
but still we manage to find ways to win a few and we seam to find a way to shoot our slefs in the foot as well,
see all you blue fans at the banjo bowl
keep cheering the blue will be there in november. :rockin:

After Pikula duffed that last punt (which was huge IMO) I thought Berry was going to kill him. Did you guys see the earful he got from Berry!

Get the single on that play, and all the defence has to do is make sure Saskatchewan doesn't get a TD. Would have made for a very different outcome, because the D could have played safe, and gave them all the little stuff.

That game deserved OT!

Barry did not want the extra point he wanted a punt to have them deep within their end and to also run some time off the clock and rely on the d-fence to hold them. Berry looked classless on the sidelines, if it wasnt for his record Tamen should get rid of him.

we are very close to being a very good team... possibly great. i think the following changes need to made for that to happen

bring in a real special teams coach:
i think mcdirmand is suspect at best, who is the guy anywase never heard much about him, what kind of resume does he have? i think hes shown every week he cant put together a decent game from his squad. i think when the fans are hoping every week that the special teams wont lose the game for them, its gone way to far

put more starters on special teams: next to no creases for AJ, could be the personel, could be the scheme, no one knows

bring in a returner from the NFL: i think AJ has lost a step and a half. i constantly see him running into his blockers and strait into defenders. not good, especially when hes blown out both his knees... makes one wonder if he can make the necessary cuts

bring in a big play guy in the secondary: is cody reinheart starting for montreal? i dont think so, montreal got him for cheap and are using him to fill in for dirty sanchez... send over brazzell malbrough and a draft pick, maybe the rights to a good looking QB prospect as well depending what they want

move bush to corner:
im tired of seeing him get lit up play after play. if we cant bring in a big play guylike reinheart or bolden, put in young or oyenagecha at half. and please for the love of all thats good, get moss out of the lineup

bring in IKE: he was cut on august 30th according to this website

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would be a huge upgrade over cam hall, cut cam and get him here now! the trading of malbrough and brazzell for reinheart and extermanation of hall should make up the salary needed

do the above moves and we have a top caliber team here in the peg

p.s.:montreal also aquired rineheart for very little. a draft pick i believe

Do you really want Rhineheart if he was cut by Calgary who has one of the worst defenses in the league?

I remember watching the preseason game and he was paired up against Dominguez and he was beat play after play, and subsequently traded shortly after.

2 points to make here:

For everyone who was always putting down Wade Miller - see what happens when there's no demon-tackler on special teams?

I have no problem with coverage by the secondary. I do have a problem with the sloppy tackling. In the CFL a defence can count on giving up yards, the goal is to limit the gain. Unless the riot act is read to these guys I can't see the MGBs making it out of the playoffs.

....thinking about your post 2much....i agree....but what the hell happened to Lezi ...he looked good in the leos game on special teams....even got Smart to cough up the ball on a nice smack...maybe we can't depend on the guys we have on opposition punt returns, cuz they're just too inconsistent....don't know????....we need a 'hitter' and a guy who gets down field in a're right about Miller...he was a guy who laid a lick on returners....we don't have that anymore....hopefully someone steps up or we bring someone in... there has to be changes.. :expressionless:

Is Coach Berry the guy to take the Bombers to the Grey Cup?

....we'll see.....he's not doing too bad considering he's only in his second year.... :roll:

Dorsey would look pretty good returning punts and kickoffs. Me thinks AJ is coasting on his rep. Put Roberts back there again like his rookie year. At least once a game or kickoffs. Maybe they need Wade Miller out there. And why isn't Stoddard back holding on field goals rather than Corey Jenkins (even though he's an ex Qb). Just wondering.

Maybe the defensive scheme is too mentally taxing for some of these guys on defence or the coaches are having to dumb it down because some of these blockheads on defence don't get. And while were taking shots at the defence , find a repalcement for Haywood and tell Walls to step it up.