Message to Avon Colburne

Different era, comparing pre-information age coverage of pro sports with today is futile. Kind of like comparing a 69 Charger with a 2011. Yeah the old one was great in its day but it would not be so great today. You don’t think Mosca would use Twitter if he played today ? :wink:

We all now Mosca hates being the center of attention. :wink:

...did they have twitter accounts?

Avon Cobourne is a self “confessed hero”?

" All about me generation"’? Are you referring to Avon Cobourne?

I haven’t seen that. Do you have any links to comments or behaviour?

Please, read and view the links I’ve provided. He continually gives credit to teammates, and the o-line in particular, whether in interviews or during live games when the camera is in his face after scoring.

Watch what he does after a TD in this video. He goes right to his O-line and teamates -

It's all about me is a generalization of this generation............ take a good look around. People driving while texting someone about absolutly nothing..............people driving while talking on cell phones. People making left turns on red lights..........People wanting to start at the top instead of working their way up. Sorry to tell you but this is "it's all about me generation." As far as I am concerned talk is cheaper than actions. I don't buy that "twitter - tweat" stuff - I don't need someone telling me to buy a ticket to a football game. If the entire team played much better there would be no worries about putting bums in the seats. I am my own personal Tiger Cat cheer leader....As far as I am concened actions speak much louder than words.


Mosca has a Twitter account:!/AngeloMosca68

Does this "all about me generation" include everyone? Every example you gave can be attributed to every age group. You want to blame younger people for texting and talking on the phone while driving? I've seen plenty of 40 year olds doing that. People wanting to start at the top instead of working their way up is something I've also seen from people over 40, especially when they start a new job. Try and put the blame on the under 30 crowd all you want, but any generalization you make about them can easily apply to an older generation. You don't have to buy the "twitter- tweat stuff." I don't buy the "older people are automatically know more" stuff.

THANK YOU :thup:

The thing is that when you get behind early in games you have to give up on the running game and play catch up which is relying on the passing game. Nothing to do with Cobourne not stepping up, he becomes a blocker only in a catch up game.

Here's my message to Avon:

"Deuces, I caught your post game interview on TSN after the Cats thumped the Larks at home. You were baited into a lot of questions where a lesser player would have let his ego take centre stage. My respect for you and your play was elevated even more after your comments on leaders lead by example and by how hard you work to earn your teammate's respect. After such a great game your humility was inspiring. Don't let the outcome of the last couple of games get you too down... We all know what you are capable of and I'm sure we'll see more again. Hard to make the plays when you don't get the rock."

Avon Cobourne, 19 touches for 120 yards.

A great game, somewhat overshadowed by Thigpen's stellar performance and Grant's eye-opening debut.

Right off the bat I noticed how hard, and punsishing, he was running, and it appeared to me that he took the bull by the horns by setting the tone for the Tiger-Cats by leading by example.

Kudos to Deuces once again!

vs. the Argos - 15 touches 93 yards.

Love this guy!

Message to Avon Cobourne: DAMNED THE TORPEDOES.... FULL SPEED AHEAD.... keep it going, Dueces!

Grant gives props to Deuces

The main voice Grant leaned on and used for guidance was that of his new backfield mate and former two-time Grey Cup champion.

“He’s a great guy, been in this league a long time – successful guy in this league,? Grant said of Cobourne. “He’s been showing me the ropes, Avon’s not one of those guys that doesn’t want to teach you, he’s willing.?

“It’s been easy to teach him because he is thirsty for knowledge,? Cobourne said.

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Toronto Argonauts linebacker Ejiro Kuale (@EJKUALE), who guaranteed a win against Hamilton, engaged in a Twitter war with Tiger-Cats tailback Avon Cobourne (@AvonCobourne) after Hamilton won on Saturday. A sampling:

Kuale: “fool u washed up u ain’t got Calvillo spotlight anymore and ya boy Whitaker has made u a never was in Montreal chump?

Cobourne: “u had 2 tackles in a 53 play offensive game u will be cut soon Mr. Guarantee?

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Washed up?

2nd in the league in rushing and 3rd in yards from scrimmage.

And against Torornto last week 15 touches for 93 yards, and in the August game against the Blew team Deuces had 15 touches for 97 yard and a TD, Kuale had only 1 tackle.

Who's sending the message?

You tell him Deuces!

Avon Cobourne reminds me a lot of Troy Davis. I like Troy Davis. The cats needed a back that could get the first down on 2nd and 2. Cobb proved he was a decent 1st down back but could not be relied upon to get the hard yards. Cobourne is a hard nosed back who can get you that first down on 2nd and 2. So could Troy Davis. Cobourne will never likely bust an 89 yard romp up the middle, but, he will find a way to get you those hard yards when you need him and he should be respected for that....for that is what he was brought to Hamilton to do primarily.