Message to Avon Colburne

People may find this topic somewhat off-topic but I have get this off my mind;

Avon instead of tweeting or using face book to get your message to the fans and other team players, try something new - do your talking between the lines with how you play the game. Stop your chirping and play the game as a professional. Talk is cheap ........... and try holding on to the ball!

He was yapping at the fans earlier this season for not showing up at home games. After the last two disasters and his lack of productivity, he needs to get mad at the face in the mirror instead of the faces that are not in stands.

Colborne, start making wins on the field and maybe you might see a response. Til then, shut the hell up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Valid point.

In summary . what did Avon have to say about this latest abysmal loss? (I don't follow his twitter acct)

Avon's the vocal leader we wanted/needed on this team, they're sure as hell not going to get motivation from the coaches.Telling him to shut up is like telling Otis to shut up or telling Stevie to stop his gospel preaching.It's just what they do and that's why they're on this team (except Otis due to age/contract), we NEED players to be vocal.

. . . and his last name is Cobourne, not Colburne.

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we also need them to produce....he can yap all he wants to his teammates. Just don't chastise or preach to your fanbase, when you aren't getting it done yourself. Sorry, but that rings hollow with me!!!

Hard to produce when your Coach abandons your aspect of the game 8 minutes in!!

Anyone with a twitter account send him a message. Tell him to step up his game. Curious to see how he responds to this. He needs to quit complaining and focus his attention on improving his game.

EXACTLY.Wasn't it not long ago that Cobourne was like 2 yards shy of the league lead for rush yards, and he held the league lead in RB TD's?Think his productions fine, offensive play calling... not so much.

So in one sentence you say he is having a great year... then in another you state we are killing his career... which is it??

Ok Half...then yap at the coach....yap at the OC....use his influence...he's the big man in town....get something....he is the vocal leader...right!!?? This is when you need his voice the most...yet he's been strangely quiet...

When he thought the fans didn't show up...he sure had a lot to say then....Now that he isn't...we're supposed to give him the patience he wouldn't afford us???

Avon is fine.

He [i]is[/i] producing and he is a leader.

If anyone is gonna fix this, it's going to be people like Avon.

Asking someone to not be themselves helps nothing, IMO.

Very well said Captain. :thup:

I know it is weird but it can be both. I think he's having a "good" year and considering how the rest of the offense is playing (lack of success in the passing game) maybe even a "very good" year. Obviously by this thread some fans are disapointed and I voice where they should look at (just opinion) for the problems. Yes if the coach keeps giving him six touches a game and that includes passes ! They will turn him into a marginal player and kill his confidence.

I am pretty sure Avon would not have moved over to Hamilton if he knew he was going to get six touches a game. Hell he was unhappy with 15 to 18 in Montreal.

They are not mutually exclusive.

He [i]is [/i]playing.

He is 2nd in the league in rushing, and 3rd in yards from scrimmage and has more TDs than any other running back, and tied for 2nd in TDs with all other players.

LOL. .all that with minimal touches... I'd say he IS producing!

Any player that yells at or in any way chastises potential customers is doing the franchise a huge dis-service. Football and other sports is an entertainment product and it doesn't take much to get distracted by other activities and interests in life. Football isn't the be all and end all in Hamilton like it used to be. Players need to play the game and leave the marketing and PR to the front office.

When we go to Copps Coliseum or Hamilton Place for a concert, we go to be entertained, not to listen to the performers or roadies coming out on stage to question our loyalties and attendance habits....or yelling at each other

And on the flip side, pro sports teams regularly market their team through some their stronger ersonalities.

Why else were Stevie Baggs and Avon Cobourne chosen by the team to do video blogs during training camp? By all accounts, they're leaders. [url=] ... re=related[/url]

Deerhunter - I agree 100% Garney Henley. Earl Winfield, Rockey Depetro and the other proven greats kept their mouths shut and just played the game.