Message To Alouettes Fans

On the main site, I have mentioned that the 2017 group remind me of the 86 group.
Hope the result is not the same. ( folding )

I am concerned as not so much the worst team in the CFL, but the shrinking ticket sales.
Once sold out Molson, is now drawing just over 18,000.
The best crowd was 22,000 + against Ottawa. Of course being tradition rivals.

However, with all due respect to Als fans ........

Hang in there.
You people were spoiled having a dominant division contender from the East for 17 years ( 1996 - 2012 ).
Lead by Ham and AC, you fans were spoiled.

Now you are learning how the other side lives.
You may need to just endure for a few years.
Please do not give up the support.

I never want to see an 8 team league again.

Yeah Montreal fans, learn how the other side lives… This guy for real?

I could deal with a bad team.

I can't deal with a bad team with no vision. This team is the oldest in the league, has a washed up quarterback making 400k, let go fan favorites SJ Green and bear woods, traded a young QB in Adams and brought in drew willy, fires the coach and DC and have only done worst as a result and the architect of this disaster has the full confidence of management and the QB is being given yet another chance despite being a tire fire all year long.

No. Wont support this. Screw you.

Guys, Brihind is just being nice. He is not poking fun at the team, or its fans. But Brian, most fans here are fed up with the lack of vision and bad decisions, as well as the meddling owners.

Fans could accept the team if it was rebuilding. But, the Alouettes are not rebuilding. They are improvising and imploding. Nothing that Kavis Reed has done as GM gives us any hope for the future.

That is why we are a cranky bunch over here in Als town! :slight_smile:

For sure you missed my point.

Asking,if I was for real , I have no idea what your point is.

Guess we are even.

Sorry if I showed concern for one of the 9 CFL franchises.

I don't think I missed the point. Your telling people to accept mediocrity and a lying GM that you would not want anywhere near your team. "for the good of the league".

Are you for real?

I own 3 game worn jersey, 2 game worn helmets, cleats, gloves and i even own Kevin Johnson’s Alouettes defence mvp plaque. I am a die hard Alouettes fan! But there is no way in hell i am accepting this shit show of a football team trying to tell us fans that they know what they are doing. They are absolutely clueless! They have absolutely no idea in which direction to go and keep trying to bandaid things especially with over the hill players. This has become a young mans game. Unless ur a special player like Kyries there is no room for old players on a football team

Turning your back on a team whom you say you are a fan of - (because they are losing) is cowardice and weakness. Bad times never last forever, but resilient fans do. Man up and buy the tickets and create something that makes the game day experience the bigger goal. The wins will return, might take some time.

The best franchises aren't necessarily the most winningest. The best franchises have the best fans. Period. Look in a mirror and determine which way you want to take that.

Not gonna get into anything, but if you read PROPERLY we arent mad because they are losing. We are trying to figure out what direction this team is going in...its new people like you that come in and try to preach things that make us suspicious that the Alouettes pay u to do so.

Want a great example? Darian Durant has won 3 games this and has been absolutely atrocious. Is he the future quarterback if this team, i wouldn’t think so but what do i know? Why in gods name is he starting tomorrow? Shouldn’t u be planning for the future? Why not give Schiltz the ball and let him try and show something? This reminds me of the Trestman years when we were beating teams 40-4 and Calvillo would still be in the game with 4 minutes left in the 4th quarter. It’s a vicious circle that nobody can seem to get right.

Lol, talk about paranoia. Paid by the Alouettes to say this? Thats too funny. How about this instead?

  1. Rider fan, season ticket holder of 4 seats for decades
  2. Only 4 Grey Cups won in 100+ yrs
  3. Smallest market in the league
  4. Sold out every home game this season (35,000)
  5. Brand new state of the art stadium - only made possible by passionate, committed Rider fans

The fact that you imagine that I'm a prop used by Alouettes management tells me you don't really get it. So carry on, advocate the bailing out on your team. Let me know how that works out. Some fans don't have the stomach for adversity, chess or board games might be more palatable. Teams fold because fans are not committed. And every team has chaotic years, so you're not experiencing anything unique.

Thanks dad for the great info, I’ll be sure to think of you from my couch

Ill be at the game tomorrow - I never said I wasnt crazy - and it`s really starting to bother me reading all the negativity about the team here, including my own.

But as Mike said, this isn`t about the team losing or not being a fan.

Its about Andrew Wetenhall taking charge of the team and not having a clue how to turn things around. Im not sure whether its stubbornness or incompetence. He chose Kavis over Sunderland as GM, despite Kavis not having any previous personnel experience. And now, instead of cutting his losses, he is continuing with a guy who is obviously in over his head for a fairly extensive rebuilding job.

And on top of everything Kavis keeps bull shipping media and fans. The team needs a GM who can find football players, not someone talking about culture and process.

Its not the losing thats pissing everybody off, it`s the mindset of ownership. No one feels confident they can turn things around.

The fans can always turn it around.

Sarcasm and dismissal. The oft used tactic of those with no credible response. You're so blind and spiteful about the current situation, you can't even see when another fan base WANTS your club and its fans to enjoy the entire CFL experience more.

Your beautiful grammar is so delightful please please keep making me come back for more, it’s like a poem!

While I certainly respect Riders fans support for their team, Montreal and Regina are apples and oranges.

Montreal is a hockey city - fans support the Habs 41 games X 21,000, win or suck. Plus we have an MLS franchise.

The CFL culture here is not the same as in Regina, that`s just the way it is.

I just reread my post and did not say anything close to that.

Stamps went downhill from 2002 - 2006.

Federik, Federline, Barker, Dunigan all F'd the once proud Stamps into the trash.

I was still their supporting the team.

Oh well, if the CFL end up with 8 teams again, it will make scheduling easier.

I totally agree with all Iconic SR wrote. I am a true Als fan and always be. I'll die an Als fans. Unfortunate,but as Sheldon wrote, the Montreal fans and Quebec in general are real fans only for Les Canadiens,win or lose. If a team,other than CH, loses it won't take time for the fans to leave the team. Why did the Als and Expos folded? Mainly due to lack of support by the fans,when they were losing. Even when it's winning,it's always difficult with the medias. For many, the CFL is "too small" for them/not in the "big league".

Yes, I am disappointed in the Als results for the past years, but I won't begin to thrash them; I hope that better years are ahead.-No I am not paid by the Als- Is Kavis Reed part of the solution? I don't know but I agree with Management decision to keep him, at least for 1 more season.


The reason he's playing Durant is to hide Shiltz because if he was to start Shiltz and the rookie gets light upReed will have no pixie dust to sell the fans for next season. Next week in Saskatchewan he will likely throw Willy out there because he knows Jones and the Riders have something special planned for Durant and Reed.

If Reed was half of a GM, he'd park Durant for the rest of the season because if Durant gets a hang nail, Old Bob will have to pay him for a year or more like they did Crapton.

Durant should be released the morning after the season ends and he should be moved to third string till the team gets there.