Message to all posters

It has been brought to our attention that some posters are using creative methods in order to make questionable comments. This includes alternate spellings, leaving additional spaces between letters of offensive words, and more. Please be advised that this type of language is not acceptable, as it is deliberately offensive to others, and these types of posts will be dealt with according to the forum guidelines.


I'll keep a eye on them!!!
Everybody be good now!!!
I don't mind the swearing,bashing,sexual remarks.
Just have F U N !!!!!!

What about if we want to talk about Pat Woodc*ck? Is alternate spelling okay then? :wink:

Lol. . .Just call him Woodchuck.

........yup, if you pi$$ off jm02 (the Beauty Mod) and ro1313 (the Brain Mod) then Third and Ten and I (simple Henchmen) get to verbally beat the snot outta ya!.........

.....I'm gonna love having my own henchmen.....never had them before.....

So can I play too....LOL?'re in charge of secret weapons and gadgets.......

They way I look at it is that the rules have been posted under “forum guidelines”
I have been know to out swear a sailor but there is a time and place for everything and it usually leads to heated arguments.

next we go after spelling and grammar :wink:

Sure - you can be the Dark Lord of the Language Police. Bonus: You get to wear a cape. Sorry R&W. . .

I think the rudest thing I ever said was Rider Suck.
I may be crude,I just donswear alot!!!!

Spelling and Grammar,I done!!!!

Wait a minute!
The brain mod?
Was that a shot?


It might have been a shot.It is better than getting spit on.
Has anyone mentioned the spitting on a Cfl player?
I thought I would bring that topic up!!!!

No offense, saskargo, but "spelling and grammar, I done"?? Now, that's funny. . .I kid. . .

Did you get the thank you boss too!!!

I absolutely did. Tried to think of some kind of "nice Tattoo" remark, but a good one escaped me. . .

Get some doughnuts
The Plain The Plain

I'm curious. . .what, exactly, would a Beauty Mod do???

I'm full of one liners.Look at my family tree!!
Did you get that one?