Message from the CFL??

CFL Commissioner Mark Cohon said after the NFL made a settlement on players Concussions in Football that the CFL has had a policy in place of strict enforcement? I guess the CFL Ref's didn't get the memo this season and do not share the same views of enforcement just look at the number of head to head hits this year especially on QB's that have not been called? The communication between Mark Cohon and Tom Higgins head of CFL officiating is Non-Existent!

From the Calgary Herald Newspaper.

In wake of NFL settlement, CFL commissioner says league proactive on concussions!

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What communication would you like to see?

More "Protect the Prima Donna" penalties (aka:"Roughing the Passer") flags?

Frankly,they throw far too many of these as it is...The League seems to be fining players after a game once a replay is seen as it is...

Concussions happen....The last time I looked,Quarterbacks have pads and a helmet on...

Unless you're advocating for a "No Physical Contact with the Quarterback" type of rule?

Why do you think the league automaticaly hands out a symbolic fine ? Just to prove on paper they did something. :thdn:

I think the message is: "The secret Society of Referees" is alive and doing well.
Earlier, in another thread, it was mentioned after games the refs review each game. We need a weekly report card from this organization. No names need me mentioned, and all the weeks games are included in one report. Calls made; Calls missed; Bad calls; # Refs penalized/reprimanded. Its not much, but it would be a start of publically acknowledging some sort of accountability to the league.
Is there an annual meeting, or any meetings between the league and it's officials?

Mark Cohon has also come out in the NFL news saying that the CFL is ahead of the NFL on Concussions and he feels there would not be a similar controversy here in Canada, obviously Cohon doesn't see this as a problem and is not taking it seriously.

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I will hold my judgement for once on the CFL Ref's because too many fans of the Tiger-Cats and the CFL seem to agree that it's not the fault of Ref's that a player takes an illegal hit to the head or a bad call, I guess in many fans eye's the CFL Ref's are perfect and no different than any other sport but I disagree. My feeling is that pointing something out even complaining can be positive if the heads of the CFL take it seriously and fans react in a responsible manner, it's a Fact that Concussions in Sports especially Football can destroy a players career and life, not taking this problem seriously is just covering up the fact that there is a problem in the CFL and just as bad or worse than the NFL. I don't know the stats but we have eight teams, A.C. has a concussion, Buck Pierce, Mike Reilly has had one, Ricky Ray has had it before, Drew Tate, how many more will go down this year alone before the league wakes up?