message from david asper

"I've tried to stay out of all the politicking around this issue but lets get the facts straight: I've invested several million dollars thus far in the project-more than any other stakeholder, so the idea that I've not put anything up is plain wrong. As for the canopy, we were ready to build in April and had it priced to include all amenities. However, other parties then started making changes to the detailed agreements and five months went by meaning that we lost out on what was then very favourable pricing on things like steel and concrete. I can assure you there is no bs in terms of the public. If there is any its in the fact that there was a delay that I had nothing to do with and all during it everyone knew that the prices were going up. We're getting final pricing on the facility as designed and then will sit down with all parties to evaluate what we can do. All this talk about the final design is a bit premature. And just remember, the canopy issue is not about a roof-the stadium as originally designed is outdoor and even with the canopy, if its raining and windy, it will not provide protection other than in the concourse which will in fact be fully enclosed and covered at ground level, and have a full view of the field.

Hope this clarifies things a bit."


He is correct when he says that Steel and concrete pricing was low for a period last year while housing and automotive were in the toilet because of the bank meltdown in the States. In fact we bought most of the Galvaneal that was cancelled by the Auto manufacturers and wharehoused it in various warehouses the price was so good. But EVERYONE in the industry knew this was a blip. We are still using some of that steel purchased last year as we speak but are not selling it at last year's price.

Bottom line, his pricing was way off, he says the delays are not his doing yet he requested the extensions cause he could not borrow the money on time in fact the government ended up providing the loans for him.

Kind of like the Russians who bought luxury cars on loans drawn in US currency cause the rouble was propped up that week :smiley:

He didn't say last year. He's talking April, 2010 to now which is 5 months. He hasn't asked for any extensions since mid-2009.

He's barely literate.

He should invest some of those millions in a decent lawyer who can write, or at least proof, his public dispatches.

At first I though killer just invented it, but there were no "peeps" or "ppl", so I have to assume it's genuine.


If a Lawyer wrote it for him, you would have criticized him for hiding behind lawyers !
At least you agree with the letter ! You had nothing negative to say about the content ! Thanks for the support !

No, I wouldn’t. I’d welcome the clarity.

So it appears the canopy is not such a big deal after all. The specualtions it would provide protection for 80% of the fans might not have been acurate. I just hope they build it right.

"All this talk about the final design is a bit premature."

Hunh? Who builds anything without the plans being done?

I can just imagine that worksite....

"Say David, how far along does this hole have to go?"

"Oh, quit somewhere around where I'm standing and we'll call that done."

"Don't both sides of this stadium-thingy have to be the same length?"

"I dunno. Don't worry. All this talk about the final design is a bit premature."

Why are you so worried what is going on with the stadium ? If you were paying attention instead of making things up, you would know that nothing is being finalized with the stadium design untill Sep some time ? One thing is quite clear you and few other Rider fans are jealous of the new stadium in Winnipeg ! It won't matter what happens you guys will continue to troll !
Shouldn't you guys be trolling the Ottawa threads and crying about them using the Rider name that they had before SK anyways ?

Actually, it's the opposite. We're not jealous you're getting something. It's a good thing. What we're worried about, and conveying in a joking manner, is that new stadiums are a onece-in-a-century shot, and we are concerned that for reasons none of you control, things may get screwy.

Do we wish our project was as far along as yours is? Of course. But I wouldn't trade for your progress if it meant we had to accept how the deal is structured.

So, in all sincerity, I hope it works for the best. But I reserve the right to say "I told you so" if it falls apart.

Go to the CJOB Audio vault and listen from 9 10 to 9 30 ! Like I said Bob Irving sums it up best !

If anything, it looks like the government didn't understand the 'cost over run' clause in the agreement. Asper agreed to be on the hook up to a certain number, if that agreement wasn't good enough, the province shouldn't have provided the bridge financing. But big deal, what's another 20 or 30 million over 50 years going to mean for the tax payers of this province ?

As a tax payer, I have no problem either way, if the stadium has arches and a canopy, big deal. The benefits far out weigh any negative impacts of a canopy for Pete's sake.

If killer's doing the math, about nine cents each.

I am unaware of the "millions" David Asper has invested into this stadium project. If anyone has a clue to the money he's referring to, please say so.

What I am aware of is that Premier Selinger made no mention of the stadium project in his throne speech and misappropriated $90 million to give to David "Asker" without going through the tendering process, which is illegal.

Mayor Katz then plans to illegally divert taxes from the proposed project from St. James to Fort Garry, so he can scrap a BRT project that is halfway complete to justify awarding LRT to one of his business contacts.

This deal stinks to high heaven and all 3 of these clowns should be taken off the project; there are elections coming up. I for one, am sick of Sam's shady deals with his cabal of land developers. He's using the Mayor's chair to bleed Manitoba dry.

That's politics though, nobody gets into it because they are a humanitarian.

If you think these types of projects would ever get done any other way, than your living in fantasy land.

P3 to Sam Katz means Public, Private, Pocket the money. This is not only a stupid financial arrangement, it's illegal.

Sam's going to get voted back in and the Stadium is being built while your whining about it , so get over it and talk football !

The stadium will be built no matter who is mayor. JWL hasn't said anything against the stadium deal that I've heard so I think it's safe to vote against Katz for all the crap he's pulled. Getting one thing right doesn't mean you vote him back in.

Judy is not winning and that is a good thing, there is a reason why every other province doesn't vote NDP ! Of course Judy is pro stadium, that's the way the wind is blowing !

Just a quick recap:

[url=] ... 82557.html[/url]
What was promised... (The stadium plan, as promised in April 2009) The deal $20 million from province, including $5 million for U of M recreation upgrades $15 million from Ottawa, dedicated to U of M recreation upgrades About $100 million from Creswin City to sell Canad Inns Stadium site to Creswin at full market value Entire plan hinges upon Creswin's ability to build shopping mall The Elms at current stadium site -- and use profits to fund construction Asper to assume control of the Winnipeg Football Club, once The Elms is fully financed

The stadium
30,000 seats, with cup holders, expandable to 45,000 seats
Sunken playing field, eight metres below ground
Wrap-around bowl with weather protection for 80 per cent of fans
Covered, ground-level concourse with 360-degree views of field from concession areas
Escalators and accessibility based on Canadian disability standards
Seasonal inflatable "bubble" for amateur sports and community recreation
"Top-quality" concessions, a restaurant and sports lounge
Enhanced washrooms
Private suites and group event facilities
Blue Bomber Hall of Fame and upgraded Bomber and Bison retail store
Interactive fan and player art inside, exterior art of Bomber championships
"Elite training centres" dedicated for use by Bombers and Bisons
Team offices and media centre
5,600 existing on-campus parking spaces with reserved stalls for season ticket holders
"Fan-Tram service" to transport fans to and from stadium and campus parking lots

The Elms
Canad Inns Stadium site to be demolished
Construction of upscale retail centre on Polo Park stadium site

U of M recreation upgrades
Refurbishment of existing seating, washroom and locker-room facilities at University Stadium
New "world-class fitness centre" for U of M and community use to replace "Gritty Grotto"

Where we are now...
The stadium deal as it stands today:

The deal
Construction to begin before The Elms is complete
Province to provide financing, likely in exchange for reduced contribution
Asper could still own Bombers, if he eventually completes The Elms
City to serve as insurance policy if Creswin fails

The stadium
Sources have offered conflicting reports, with some saying the stadium design has been scaled back and others suggesting only the provincial contribution has been reduced.

So we know that in exchange for the financing up front from the province to get construction started, they reduced their contribution in over all funding. So is Asper picking up the difference, or is that the reason we are seeing scaled back versions now ?