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Why is the clock on this site so out of wack?? 6 hours off

see posted at 1:10 pm & computer say 6:13 am

i think the team's been using this clock for the last 4 weeks and that is why they are showing up gameday 6 hours late.

your computer clock is wrong if you are in Hamilton area when you posted.

nope, It's been screwed up since the new site came into effect. There was something posted in the mods report earlier. Not sure where it is now.

I guess there were more mportant things to fix than the clock... :stuck_out_tongue:

This web site is using GMT but they are off by

exactly 12 hours

That's 7 hours :wink:

They've got that on their "to do" list. And as ghosttiger says, fortunately fixing the team is a higher priority. (If not a heck of a lot easier)