Mertile to play against Satmpeders ?

This surprises me after his poor play(s) this year ... we've no one else to look at ?

Not surprised at all. GM and coaching staff are idiots.

I don't mind it. The guy can he gets a chance to prove if he is a dud tackling or can step up. It is time to be giving guys their final test...why not. He has made enough coverage plays to get a last chance...but that is exactly what it is...he is playing for a shot at camp.

well watching this game, and as usual, our D sucks, The O is not the problem!! lets hope for a big shake up this off season!!

Watching more missed tackles today I still say it...this is more the staff on hand than the way can they all be that bad at it. Still some horrid players on D...but that is not it alone.

This Crapinga kid needs to be inked long term. I know he stunningly pushed for a raster spot in Calgary and came close to pushing out one of the best kickers around....this kid is money....every kick he has taken has been dead middle

Yeah they need to sign Crapinga and turf Paul. Quick should be fired along with the secondary coaches as soon as the final whistle blows next week. Do it on the sidelines in fact. Cut players as the game is being played. Hack and slash with enthusiasm go full gusto!!!

The offense does not look good though either and I think everyone is just going through the motions of playing it out.

I don't know why Brack would get involved with smack talk with Messam. Sure Messam started it with the whole lowering the boom thing but whatever keep your mouth shut and let your play do the talking. Which of course hasn't happened all year.

If Marsay Green is on the roster next season then It tells me we will have another blowout year, I never liked his play, still don't and he needs to go yesterday!! We went from one of the better D's last season to a complete joke this year, thanks again CC.... Our O line was also hit and miss this game!! need some big shoring up before next season!! worst Rider team I can remember... and I am not a youngin either!!

Green would be one of my first cuts for sure.

Agreed, and once you start the balling rolling you might as well just keep on trucking.

I you look back to the Trade for Messam thread, I told you guys that you got a good one there and many of you felt that he was untested ... This kid is the real deal (far as I can see) and should work out really well for you ... add to that you probably get Messam back in the off season, since he is a free agent and you did REALLY well on that trade.

I look forward to next year and a greatly improved Rider team, so that I can go back to trash talking with your fans.


Yeah...I was always pro on the trade but there were definately a lot of pissed off people on it. I think it helped both teams in the moment with Cornish's vast uncertainty and the importance of that position being NI to the Stamps. Stamps are also more than set at kicker, so it was no big loss to I felt it was a solid trade for both sides. Fact is they knew Cornish was likely done, so this was massive for the Stamps. IMO there is a strong likelyhood Cornish hangs em Messam could easily be a Stamp in 2016. Crapinga working out as well as he has so far is just a bonus IMO to moving up in the draft

Macho Harris would be bouncing off the pavement beside him. At least they’d have Quick to land on.

Yes Quick has to go and probably most of the coaches on D along with him. We went from having a very solid D the past two year to the biggest joke this season. That speaks volumes to me that not only did we not have the right guys on the field but also not having the right guys coaching them.

Pretty hard to point to one area of the D and say it was good. So this isn't a matter of using a scalpel and making a tiny cut but more of a broad blade sword and start slashing a swath through all the defensive coaches.

Personally I'm a bit disappointed the process hasn't begun all ready. Sure we have an interim GM but if he wants to show he can do the job get rid of the obvious deadwood now. Winnipeg wasted no time dumping their OC and rightfully so. Quick had his chance to show it wasn't him but Cory's fault for our defensive woes and he could not, therefore he needs to be gone not now, not right now, but right freaking now. In fact the day after the final game would not have been soon enough in my opinion.

Show the fans that there are going to be changes and that what happened on the field was not acceptable. Turfing Quick would be the first step in the right direction. Then the rest of the D coaching soon to follow.

well yeah…CC was told no thanks 4 times…then Quick finally took the job…says a lot on many levels