Merry Xmas to all CFL Fans and R.I.P. Eagle Keys!


Best of the season to all CFL fans. Although our loyalties get us carried away sometimes during the season we can be thankful we have a healthy league and a wonderful hobby / pastime which bonds our country together. Congrats to the success of Toronto hosting the Grey Cup and winning it for hometown fans. Hopefully it re-boots interest and enthusiasm for the Argos and our league. Like it or not, we need Toronto to embrace the CFL and they did so with the Grey Cup which is so encouraging and makes all of us proud to be Canadian. Let’s work to get another Quebec team and a Maritime team and finally cement the CFL league forever as the only truly coast to coast league.
A great year and I salute all of you for the frank and fun debates we have. In the end, we are all Canadians and love the same product! Long live the CFL!!!

And, Gooble Gooble this xmas during your Turkey dinner!!! :roll: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
We are so fortunate living in Canada!!!

:cowboy: :wink:

True confessionn time after all these years:
My post name ( Turkeybend, Turkeybend2) was in honour of Eagle Keys who was from a town called Turkeyneck in the southern states.
Great legend in our league coaching Saskatchewan Rider great teams in the 60's and B.C. Lions in early 70's .
RIP Eagle and condolences to his family. :thup:

Turkeyneck, Kentucky. :thup:

Check your inbox one of these days Turkeybend2. I sent you a message ages ago. :wink:

Merry Christmas to all football fans and in wellness for a prosperous new year. RIP Eagle Keys, thus I'm fortunate to have seen him in person on the sidelines coaching the Riders/LIons in the games at Old Empire Stadium.

some holiday greetings/content from the teams:


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MERRY CHRISTMAS to all.....and if my greeting of peace and goodwill offends anyone, TOO BAD !


montreal 2

Wishing all as well a safe and happy holiday season.

Happy holidays to all, and wish everyone a great new year!!!!

Ditto for me, Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

Even to Argo fans. :wink:

Yes indeed ... Merry Christmas to all my fellow CFL fans! We're a unique clan.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to every one