Merry xmas Riders

Merry Christmas.

Enjoy your gift courtesy of the Leos.

Merry Christmas? You know it's not even winter yet and you say Merry Christmas. It's a godo win for the Riders IMHO a good boost in morale and pride for the team Hats off for them for that comeback.

Wow, im impressed. I think the lions just came into the game with too much confidence …haha which makes the als the only undeffeated team… YEAH lol

well, hopefully, its the only gift you be getting from BC this yr :stuck_out_tongue:

Injuries + prevent D + fluky tip = early christmas gift :twisted:

get off our forum. BC got cocky with their fake field goal, going on third down, and their two point convert when their was no point to that.

get off our forum
now now, dont be a sore winner :lol:

Well learn to accept defeat than buddy. You got beat, you werent the better team tonight and you got beat so just put your tail between your legs and run away for now.

omg dont u know its June!! give me some of that stuff u are smokin :cowboy: :lol:

I would, but it was stolen by the guy claiming Joseph to be league MVP already :lol: :lol:

maybe u are thinkin about Ricky Williams :wink: :cowboy:

Fluky tip, come on. It is part of the game. The crowd noise pumped up the defense and threw off the offense. Our line got pressure on DD forcing him to throw before he was ready resulting in a high throw. Warren tried to catch it, but he jumps like a white guy and rather tipped it. Davis then made the heads up play of the night and took it to the house. Nothin fluky about it. PLUS, if you don’t recall, we were ahead already and there is no guarantee at all that had that “fluky tip” not occurred that the Lions would have made it within FG range, especially with Pikula having to kick into the wind after missing the last one. Just admit that this week, unlike last week, the Riders were the better team and deserved to win.

Go Riders!!