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A post of mine , at the end of last season, was deleted . The post c ontained a critical evaluation of TSN in which I was not able to completely hide my criricism of a particular TSN staff member. If a post is deleted The moderator should send a note to the owner of that particular post with a rational explaining the deletion. My penalty was the deletion of a few subsequent posts. After I wrote a moderator asking for this rationalization, my posts were again accepted.

......better get ready for another according to the Als. site and the Globe and Mail.....Daharian Diedrick has been accused of sexual assault with a knife.....It fits the realm of 'only accused' but it also resembles Armsteads case...I hope this one doesn't disappear....or the 'double standard' will definitely be there for everyone to see....Also, I hope when these guys do get their day in court and a chance to defend themselves that it all works out in their favour.....MadJack you have a very valid point... :thup:

I believe that its just out and out censorship. They don't want anything said here to be used by either side in the case.. but anything we say here WILL HAVE ZERO IMPACT ON THIS CASE! The only explanation will only be known to the aforementioned JDykstra. The fact that threads about Tillman keep getting locked or deleted mean its political and social correctness run amok.

/////not to mention a little 'slanted'..... :roll:

Thanks's not a full explanation of course but at least it gets us closer.

Now please look at it this way.

Let's say a poster comes on, say for example sanduskyohiobro, and says the reason we are allowed to discuss legal problems faced by Armstead, Taylor, Vick, and now Diedrick, and not that certain GM, is because of racism; Armstead, Taylor, Vick, and Diedrick all being black and the GM being white.

As things stand now, none of us could say he's wrong.

So please try again to get an explanation from Mr Dykstra; I don't know him nor him me, so I'm sure I won't get a response, but you might.........does he really want the CFL painted as a racist institution? If he maintains silence on the reason behind the obvious double standard, then he must be content with the CFL being painted as a racist institution, as I'm sure that will be the result.

I think the CFL is embarrassed because Tillman is a an "Executive" so yes MadJack I I agree they are interfering to protect their image.

It is very embarrassing. I noticed they picked January 10 for trial. The deadest month in the CFL calendar year :slight_smile:

I don't think that is a coincidence either.

If they are interfering to "protect" their image, then it is counter-productive...........because the silence behind the reason for the double standard makes it look like racism. Hardly "protecting" your image. Why they are making a problem when one need not exist is beyond me.

The trial date being in a dead month for the CFL IS just coincidence, I would expect. I've set enough trial dates to know that the lead time isn't unusual, and there's no way that the CFL schedule would have factored into it at all.

Armstead has been charged but not convicted. So there is NO difference in his situation......duh. Save for (a) he's a player not a GM; and (b) his race.

I think it is fair to say there is a double standard that a league or team Executive is viewed by the league differently then a player is. I remember when one of the BC Lions (white player) was charged and sentenced with traffic of steroids. Dyktra didn't protect him. I'm sure there are other cases that involve white players.

My opinion is because Tillman's charges involve a minor and that there is no way in Saskatchewan to keep anything involving the Riders secret for very long. Dyktra was terrified that the minor would be identified on the forum this possibly leading to an array of problems for the league.

That's the problem you see............besides your constant use of "then" when you should use "than" :smiley:

If Dykstra keeps quiet, it leaves him open to the racism charge.........which is worse in my opinion, so he should come clean as to what the reason for the double standard is. One of more of your speculations may be the right one....and either is less inflammatory when compared to he should bite the bullet and come clean......failure to do so leaves him open to the far more serious charge of racism.

....told ya he'd catch you hfxtc,,,, :lol: :lol:

I agree

and thank you for the correction, much appreciated ...

Deng ! I mean Dang :lol:

Just so we're clear here.............deng and dang may merely represent a spelling mistake.......but "then" and "than" are two entirely different words with entirely different meanings................................sorry it's a pet peeve of mine.

What the hell are you talking about... when have I ever had the "delusion" that mods hang around here 24/7???
You deifinately have me confused with someone else

Beware of the Streisand Effect. It is a lot more powerful that many realize.
For those who don't know, use the great and all knowing interwebbs god: The Google. :stuck_out_tongue: