Merry Christmas

Little Drummer Boy . ( peace on earth )

Here is one of those traditional type clips I like to watch with Bing Crosby and David Bowie .

Gets me in the spirit a bit .

Merry Christmas to ALL .

Merry Christmas to you Hank.

cheers to all at this time of year, what ever it means to you and however you spend the days.

Yes, season’s greetings and happy holidays to all CFL fans.

Merry Christmas everyone.
Just finished watching that classic seen this time of year, Home Alone and now It’s a Wonderful Life.

Merry Xmas!


so now, is every body sated.

I am. :slight_smile:

Mine was the usual and I hope yours was good too FYB, but I am not a big fan of this season but when Christmas is over I am happy.

Other than the food, which I thought was better this year, my highlight was spending time with my little nieces and nephew.

We did not need any new toys to have a great time.

The best part I think for my 5-year old niece and me was when we played dodge ball, which she does not know by name.

It was with a very soft ball of course.

I made like Brett Favre and was winging it with a quick release and hard too ha ha ha.

As I posted in the main board the Ti-Cats have often been a part of my Christmas. Christmas 1971 - when I was 12 - I along with my brother and two of my cousins received 1972 Ti-Cats season tickets as a Christmas gift from my aunts - who had Ti-Cat season tickets of their own. That continued for over 10 years until I moved from Hamilton.

Fast forward to when I moved back to Hamilton 6 years ago and my sisters started buying me Christmas Gift Packs for me every Christmas - often adding additional Ti-Cats ‘stuff’ to what was included with the gift pack.

Each gift pack comes with a pair of tickets to a game plus a Ti-Cats gift of some sort. Over the years that has included an Ugly Sweater Toque, flag & mini-football, coffee mug, glasses and a ‘Hamilton is Home’ Ti-Cats edition t-shirt. Add in the ‘extra’ Ti-Cats stuff my sisters added including scarf, a jersey, hoody, t-shirts and even Ti-Cats socks. :slight_smile:

Here just some of my Christmas Ti-Cats haul.